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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Web Series Worth Watching: Kyle David Pierce in Three's A Crowd

Web Series of the Week: Three's A Crowd
I've previously featured actor Kyle David Pierce when he appeared in the web series, The Inn and Pretty - and now he's starring in this enjoyable new gay comedy created by Nigel Campbell. The story revolves around Evan (Campbell) and Patrick (Patrick Cohen) whose first date goes very well, but then Evan is surprised to learn that Patrick still lives - platonically - with Brian (Pierce), his hunky ex-boyfriend of nine years. Do Patrick and Brian still have romantic feelings for one another? That's what Evan wants to find out - and you can, too, by binge-watching all six episodes of the first season.

You can follow Three's A Crowd on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And the above pic of Mr. Pierce is by Scott Hoover Photography.

PLEASE NOTE: The next Web Series Worth Watching will be on Sunday, September 4.

Other web series worth watching this week are:

Capitol Hill
This Dynasty-inspired dragtastic series continues as Tanya (Alexandra Tavares) and Dinky Pie (Jackie Hell) execute their sick and twisted plan against the Mayor, Anna Zhopova (Sarah Rudinoff) mentors Roses Smell about men, and Celeste (Jinkx Monsoon) sees an opportunity to re-envision her marriage. To catch up on Capitol Hill, go to You can also follow the series on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

Steam Room Stories
Check out "Gay Running App", the latest episode of this steamy sketch comedy. For more SRS, go to And you can follow the series on Facebook and Twitter.

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