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Saturday, September 10, 2016

365 Groovy Books Worth Reading #31 - 40

Today I continue my list of 365 Groovy Books Worth Reading (in random order). Click here for the previous 30 books - and click on a title for more information or to purchase a copy:

31) Boy in the Sand: Casey Donovan, All-American Sex Star (1998) by Roger Edmonson
This sad biography details the life of gay model and actor Cal Culver, who became a star after appearing as "Casey Donovan" in the 1971 gay porn classic, Boys in the Sand.

32) Speedbumps: Flooring It Through Hollywood (2005) by Teri Garr (with Henrietta Mantel)
An entertaining and inspiring autobiography of one of my favorite funny ladies, whose film and television credits include Young Frankenstein, Oh, God!, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Tootsie, Mr. Mom, After Hours, Fresno and Good & Evil.

33) Whores of Lost Atlantis (1993) by Charles Busch
Joan Rivers described Busch's first novel as "wicked, loving and hysterically funny - quite a combination!", while Armistead Maupin said the book "reads like an inspired collaboration between Patrick Dennis and the editors of Inches magazine."

34) The Whorehouse Papers (1982) by Larry L. King
The book's cover blurb accurately describes it: "A candid, hilarious, and sometimes hysterical out-of-school account of the joys, sorrows, confusions, and small murders attendant to the making of a smash Broadway musical, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" (King received a 1979 Tony Award nomination for his and Peter Masterson's book, which was based on King's 1974 Playboy article about the Chicken Ranch brothel).

35) Glamourpuss (1994) by Christian McLaughlin
McLaughlin's hilarious first novel chronicles the true confessions of Alex Young, a daytime soap actor who is outed by a national tabloid (the author later co-created MTV's 2001 soap, Spyder Games).

36) The Mysteries of Pittsburgh (1988) by Michael Chabon
Chabon's wonderful first novel is a gay coming-of-age tale set during the early 1980s in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

37) The Case of the Not-So-Nice Nurse (1993) by Mabel Maney
This delightful parody of both girl detective novels and lesbian romantic fiction follows Nurse Cherry Aimless as she searches for girl detective Nancy Clue and a flock of missing nuns in San Francisco.

38) Eight Years in Another World: The Inside Story of a Soap Opera (1981) by Harding Lemay
This is the best behind-the-scenes book ever written about daytime drama, in which Mr. Lemay gives us a revealing account of his 1971-79 stint as the head writer of Another World.

39) The Doonesbury Chronicles (1975) by G. B. Trudeau
In 1975, the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning went to a comic strip for the first time - the nationally syndicated Doonesbury, which began on October 26, 1970. And I've been a fan ever since my aunt gave me this anthology collection for my 12th birthday in 1976.

40) Charlotte's Web (1952) by E. B. White
In 2001, this novel was the bestselling children's paperback of all time (#78 in hardcover), and it was made into a 1973 animated film featuring the voices of Henry Gibson (as Wilbur the pig), Debbie Reynolds (as Charlotte the spider), Paul Lynde (as Templeton the rat) and Agnes Moorehead (as the Goose).


joel65913 said...

I really enjoyed Teri Garr's book as well, such a shame she's had such a hard road with her illness. I love Charlotte's Web not just when I was a kid but when my nieces and nephews were young I read it to them as well. Loving all the suggestions, I've added a bunch to my Goodreads list. Thanks!

Marc Harshbarger said...

I'm glad you're enjoying my book recommendations, Joel!

Dan said...

My favorites here are Boy in the Sand, and Glamourpuss. And before you say it, no, it's not because of their covers! it's from reading them :-)

dmappin said...

And Star Trek in "Assignment: Earth."

Marc Harshbarger said...

I believe you, Dan, since I read them as well. And thank you, Doug, for the Teri Garr credit!

joel65913 said...

Hi Marc,

Just wanted to drop back in an say thanks again for making me aware of 8 Years in Another World. I was stunned at how fast my library found it for me and I tore through it in two days. What made it all the more readable for me was that it dealt with the period when I was an avid viewer of the soap so I knew who all the characters, and performers, he referenced were. A lot of interesting stories about what is involved with the production of shows such as that, and some juicy dirt as well. I've always loved Constance Ford so it was great to read that she was as down to earth and salty as she seemed. Thanks again!

Marc Harshbarger said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the book, Joel - and that your library was able to find a copy so quickly. Also, your favorable review of the book makes me want to read it again!