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Friday, September 16, 2016

The Groovy List makes a Pass at Russell Tovey

The Groovy List is a weekly Top 10 of recommended videos featuring pop culture and gorgeous guys:

1) Groovy Actress: Alexis Arquette
The transgender actress, who died Sunday at age 47, first appeared as "boy on the ride" in the music video for The Tubes' 1983 hit, "She's a Beauty". Her film credits include Last Exit to Brooklyn (1989), Grief (1993), Jack Be Nimble (1993), Threesome (1994), Pulp Fiction (1994), Frisk (1995), Never Met Picasso (1996), I Think I Do (1997), The Wedding Singer (1998), Bride of Chucky (1998) and Killer Drag Queens on Dope (2003). Below you can watch her in the trailer for I Think I Do and as a guest on the British talk show, So Graham Norton, on February 12, 1999 (beginning at 17:00).

2) Groovy First Lady: Michelle Obama
While co-hosting Ellen, she visits a CVS Pharmacy to pick up a few things.

3) Groovy (and Funny) Lady: Carol Burnett
The comedy legend promotes her new memoir, In Such Good Company: Eleven Years of Laughter, Mayhem, and Fun in the Sandbox, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

4) Groovy Broadway Guy #1: Andrew Rannells
The actor, who will be starring in the Broadway musical, Falsettos, beginning on September 29, is a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

5) Groovy Broadway Guy #2: Clifton Davis
The actor, who is currently starring in the Broadway musical, Aladdin, reflects on his long career - which includes the TV sitcoms, That's My Mama and Amen - on The Broadway Channel's Role Call.

6) Groovy Movie Trailer #1: The Pass
Russell Tovey and Arinze Kene play professional soccer players in this gay drama, which will be released in the United States in early 2017.

7) Groovy Movie Trailer #2: Nocturnal Animals
Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon and Laura Linney star in director/writer Tom Ford's second feature film, which will be released on November 18.

8) Groovy TV Trailer: Crisis in Six Scenes
Written and directed by Woody Allen, this new comedy series stars Allen, Elaine May and Miley Cyrus, and it will premiere on Amazon Video on September 30.

9) Groovy TV Flashback #1: Room 222
Starring Lloyd Haynes, Denise Nicholas, Michael Constantine and Karen Valentine, the ABC series debuted on September 17, 1969, and ran for five seasons. Below you can watch the first two episodes.

10) Groovy TV Flashback #2: The Ellen Burstyn Show
The Academy Award-winning actress starred in this ABC sitcom with Elaine Stritch (as her mother) and Megan Mullally (as her daughter). It debuted on September 20, 1986, and ran for 13 episodes. Below you can watch the first episode.

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