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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Groovy Flashback: Variety (July-August 1979)

When I was fifteen, I kept a scrapbook of articles, reviews, etc., from Variety for almost six months (July 1979 to January 1980) - yes, I was a pop culture enthusiast even back then. And now 37 years later, I thought it would be fun to share some of those collected clippings in a series of posts:

July 25, 1979

August 1, 1979

Eight is Enough ran for five seasons (1977-81) on ABC.

The Life and Times of Eddie Roberts (aka L.A.T.E.R.) was a 1980 syndicated soap opera spoof that ran for 65 episodes.

The Amityville Horror was the second-highest-grossing film of 1979 in the U.S. (Kramer vs. Kramer was #1).

August 8, 1979

Here is what happened to the eight NBC series mentioned in the following article:

The Cheap Detective: Only a pilot episode was filmed.
The Facts of Life: It debuted on August 24, 1979, and ran for nine seasons.
Goodbye Girl (aka Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever): Three pilots were filmed (two with Karen Valentine, one with JoBeth Williams).
Good Time Harry: It ran for seven episodes in July-September 1980.
It Takes Two (aka Characters): Only a pilot episode was filmed.
The Sharon Gless Project: No pilot was ever filmed.
Skag: The drama ran for six episodes (including a 3-hour pilot) in January-February 1980.
United States: The half-hour dramedy starring Beau Bridges and Helen Shaver ran for seven episodes in March-April 1980 (13 episodes were filmed).

Unfortunately, for Farrah Fawcett, Sunburn was a box office flop, earning only $2.4 million (her previous film, 1978's Somebody Killed Her Husband, earned $6.1 million).

Gilda Radner - Live From New York ran for 52 performances on Broadway.

August 22, 1979

Carol Burnett & Company ran for four episodes on ABC in August-September 1979.

The Muppet Show aired in syndication from 1976 to 1981.


mike/ said...

Steve Dahl was living in Bolingbrook when he did that Disco thing. i was working in the school district at the time. everyone in the town hated him so much that his wife forced him to move because of the harassment. had dealings with him once. total ASS!

Marc Harshbarger said...

Thanks for sharing your "fond" memories of Mr. Dahl, Mike! :)