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Monday, January 30, 2017

Battle of the Movie Stars #85: 1985-86, Round 2

The following stars of 1959-60 (from the 84th Battle) will be moving on to Round 3:

Montgomery Clift (Suddenly, Last Summer)
Tony Curtis (Some Like It Hot)
Doris Day (Pillow Talk)
Cary Grant (North by Northwest)
Katharine Hepburn (Suddenly, Last Summer)
Rock Hudson (Pillow Talk)
Janet Leigh (Psycho)
Jack Lemmon (Some Like It Hot)
Shirley MacLaine (The Apartment)
Marilyn Monroe (Some Like It Hot)
Paul Newman (From the Terrace)
Anthony Perkins (Psycho)
Thelma Ritter (Pillow Talk)
Elizabeth Taylor (BUtterfield 8)
Elizabeth Taylor (Suddenly, Last Summer)
Lana Turner (Imitation of Life)

Now on to our 85th battle, which takes us back to 1985-86 when the following 32 stars graced the silver screen:


Daniel Paul said...

One should never have to choose between Cher and Bette, that is like asking a mother which of you children she loves more

Marc Harshbarger said...

Sorry for the tough choice, Daniel, but thank you for voting!