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Friday, March 24, 2017

Deep Dish Pool Party #212

The rules are simple - each week I feature 10 Dishes of the Day and you get to invite your three favorites over for some wet and wild fun. The five guys who receive the most votes get to stay, and the following week five new Dishes are added to the guest list.

1) Dish #2029
Last Week #1, Week 16, 30 invites out of 185

2) Dish #1937
LW #2, W35, 27 invites

2) Dish #2068
LW #5, W8, 27 invites

3) Dish #1995
LW #3, W23, 25 invites

3) Dish #2098
W2, 25 invites

6) Dish #2102

7) Dish #2103

8) Dish #2104: Chris Salvatore

9) Dish #2105

10) Dish #2106: Justin Sanders


Anonymous said...

Have seen 2068 many times in short clips on FB can anyone put name to the face so I can watch more. He looks best when he grins, and lipsinks. Oozes charm, and suave

Marc Harshbarger said...

Hey, Anonymous, if you can direct me to his FB clips or where you've seen him lip sync, I might be able to track down his identity.