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Friday, March 17, 2017

Soap Dish #7 (in which we celebrate St. Patrick's Day at Ryan's Bar and watch Delia go ape)

Today we celebrate St. Patrick's Day with 21 episodes of ABC's Ryan's Hope from March 1980 featuring the infamous King Kong-inspired storyline with Delia Reid Ryan Coleridge (Randall Edwards) and a gorilla named Prince Albert (click here for previous Soap Dish posts).

Dr. Seneca Beaulac - John Gabriel
Dominick Bernardi - Vince Pacimeo
Dr. Adam Cohen - Stan Birnbaum (who later changed his name to Sam Behrens)
Delia Reid Ryan Coleridge - Randall Edwards
Dr. Faith Coleridge - Karen Morris-Gowdy
Jillian Coleridge - Nancy Addison
Dr. Roger Coleridge - Ron Hale
Gloria D'Angelo - Celia Weston
Owen Douglas - Jon DeVries
Jack Fenelli - Michael Levin
Kimberly Harris - Kelli Maroney
Man in the Green Hat - Harris Laskawy
Joe Novak - Richard Muenz
Siobhan Ryan Novak- Sarah Felder
Tiso Novotny - David Clarke
Michael Pavel, Jr. - Michael Corbett
Prince Albert - Donald Van Horn
Bob Reid - Earl Hindman
Frank Ryan - Daniel Hugh-Kelly
Johnny Ryan - Bernard Barrow
Maeve Ryan - Helen Gallagher
Mr. Schaeffer - Phil Bruns
Rae Woodard - Louise Shaffer

Episode 1211: Monday, March 3, 1980
Delia calms down Prince Albert and gets him back into his cage. Kim finds incriminating papers about Frank in Rae's music box.

Episode 1212: Tuesday, March 4, 1980
After she finds the letters Rae used to ruin Frank's political career, Kim blackmails her mother into not interfering in her affair with Seneca. Siobhan tells Joe to stay away from her until he can tell her everything about his part in Tiso's business.

Episode 1213: Wednesday, March 5, 1980
Kim proposes to Seneca, but he refuses to marry her. Roger tells Jill that Seneca is involved with a woman and that she should ask him for a divorce.

Episode 1214: Thursday, March 6, 1980
Jill asks Seneca about a divorce, but he refuses to discuss it.

Episode 1215: Friday, March 7, 1980
Jill hires a private detective to get evidence about Seneca's affair. Prince Albert escapes from his cage again.

Episode 1216: Monday, March 10, 1980
Siobhan helps Tiso out of his hospital room to save him from a hit man.

Episode 1217: Tuesday, March 11, 1980
Delia is upset to learn that Prince Albert has escaped again.

Episode 1218: Wednesday, March 12, 1980
Jill's detective snaps intimate photos of Seneca and Kim. Jack tells Joe that Siobhan is now in danger because she saved Tiso's life.

Episode 1219: Thursday, March 13, 1980
After receiving her detective's photos of Seneca and Kim, Jill orders Seneca to give her an uncontested divorce or she will use the photos in court.

Episode 1220: Friday, March 14, 1980
Jack has his recurring dream about the Man in the Green Hat. Prince Albert shows up at Delia's Crystal Palace.

Episode 1221: Monday, March 17, 1980
During the St. Patrick's Day celebration at Ryan's Bar, Maeve sings "Danny Boy" to her son Patrick on the phone. Delia is hurt trying to get away from Prince Albert after he breaks into the Crystal Palace. Kim confronts Jill and Frank about the photos, which could ruin her career if they are used in court. Joe sends Siobhan an emerald necklace as a St. Patrick's Day present.

Episode 1222: Tuesday, March 18, 1980
Michael learns that Siobhan saved Tiso's life. Tiso tells Joe to lie to Siobhan about his part in Tiso's business. Delia is carried away by Prince Albert.

Episode 1223: Wednesday, March 19, 1980
Kim tells Rae about the photos that are now in Jill's possession. In his hypnosis session with Adam, Jack is able to remember the face of the Man in the Green Hat.

Episode 1224: Thursday, March 20, 1980
Rae confronts Frank and Jill about the photos. Joe assures both Siobhan and Roger that Delia's disappearance has nothing to do with Tiso.

Episode 1225: Friday, March 21, 1980
Michael tells Dom that Siobhan saved Tiso's life. Delia attempts to escape from Prince Albert.

Episode 1226: Monday, March 24, 1980
Seneca finally agrees to give Jill a divorce, but he still refuses to marry Kim. Jack realizes that Mary followed the Man in the Green Hat on the day of her accident.

Episode 1227: Tuesday, March 25, 1980
After Rae tells her about Seneca's desire to have a child, Kim dreams up a plan to get him to marry her.

Episode 1228: Wednesday, March 26, 1980
Kim bribes a clerk at a duplicating service after she changes her pregnancy test from negative to positive. Roger calls the police after he discovers that Prince Albert is keeping Delia in Central Park's Belvedere Castle.

Episode 1229: Thursday, March 27, 1980
Prince Albert appears on the roof of the castle with an unconscious Delia in his arms. Kim leaves Seneca a copy of the medical report saying she is pregnant.

Episode 1230: Friday, March 28, 1980
A sharpshooter hits Albert with a tranquilizer dart, and the drugged gorilla then drops Delia from the top of the tower.

Episode 1231: Monday, March 31, 1980
Delia is saved by a safety net. Dom and Leon kidnap Siobhan in front of a horrified Maeve.

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