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Friday, July 7, 2017

Soap Dish #15 (in which we meet the Ryans of NYC)

Today we celebrate the 42nd anniversary of ABC's Ryan's Hope, which was created by Claire Labine and Paul Avila Mayer. It revolved around the continuing dramas of the Ryan family of New York City - patriarch Johnny Ryan, his wife Maeve and their children, Frank (a lawyer with political ambitions), Pat (a doctor) and Mary (an aspiring journalist). Other prominent characters included Frank's wife Delia, reporter Jack Fenelli, and the three Coleridge siblings - Jillian, Faith and Roger. So sit back and enjoy 34 episodes of the show from July-August 1975 (click here for previous Soap Dish posts).

Dr. Nell Beaulac - Diana van der Vlis
Dr. Seneca Beaulac - John Gabriel
Dr. Bucky Carter - Justin Deas
Dr. Ed Coleridge - Frank Latimore
Dr. Faith Coleridge - Faith Catlin
Jillian Coleridge - Nancy Addison
Dr. Roger Coleridge - Ron Hale
Jack Fenelli - Michael Levin
Ramona Gonzales - Rosalinda Guerra
Jumbo Marino - Fat Thomas
Father McShane - John Perkins
Dr. Clem Moultrie - Hannibal Penney, Jr.
Bob Reid - Earl Hindman
Delia Reid Ryan - Ilene Kristen
Frank Ryan - Michael Hawkins (the father of actor Christian Slater)
Johnny Ryan - Bernard Barrow
Maeve Ryan - Helen Gallagher
Mary Ryan - Kate Mulgrew
Dr. Pat Ryan - Malcolm Groome
Nick Szabo - Michael Fairman
Dr. Marshall Westheimer - William Kiehl

Episode 1: Monday, July 7, 1975
The Ryan family prepares to celebrate oldest son Frank's campaign for city councilman. Mary Ryan meets reporter Jack Fenelli, who wants to interview her about her brother's campaign. And Frank falls down a flight of stairs.

Episode 2: Tuesday, July 8, 1975 (edited episode)
Jack questions Mary about Frank's involvement with Nick Szabo, a local mobster, and she introduces him to Bob Reid, Frank's former police partner. Pat Ryan takes Bucky Carter to his family's celebration.

Episode 3: Wednesday, July 9, 1975 (edited)
Jack continues his interview with Mary as they walk through the streets of New York City.

Episode 4: Thursday, July 10, 1975
Father McShane administers last rites for an injured Frank. Meanwhile, Jack falls into the Hudson River while interviewing Mary about her brother's campaign.

Episode 5: Friday, July 11, 1975 (edited)
Jack tries to seduce Mary when they go back to his apartment, but they are interrupted by news of Frank's accident.

Episode 6: Monday, July 14, 1975 (edited)
Jack comforts Mary.

Episode 7: Tuesday, July 15, 1975
Jill Coleridge goes to the hospital to see Frank when she finds out about his accident.

Episode 9: Thursday, July 17, 1975
Bob questions Nick Szabo. Ed offers Nell a job at Riverside Hospital.

Episode 11: Monday, July 21, 1975
An angry Seneca learns why his wife Nell has left him. Frank opens his eyes.

Episode 13: Wednesday, July 23, 1975
Mary and Delia exchange words. Bucky leaves flowers for Faith. Ramona admits to Jack that Frank met with Nick Szabo on the afternoon of his accident.

Episode 14: Thursday, July 24, 1975 (edited)
Maeve asks Mary to apologize to Delia.

Episode 15: Friday, July 25, 1975
As Jill watches Frank, he murmurs Delia's name. Frank later says "Push" to Mary.

Episode 16: Monday, July 28, 1975 (edited)
Bob asks Mary not to tell anyone else that Frank said "Push". She later tells Johnny, Maeve and Delia that Frank said Delia's name.

Episode 17: Tuesday, July 29, 1975
Jill tells Delia that Frank said something else to Mary. Faith accepts Bucky's dinner invitation. Delia thinks Bob believes what happened to Frank wasn't an accident.

Episode 19: Thursday, July 31, 1975
Mary tells Jack that Frank said "Push" to her.

Episode 20: Friday, August 1, 1975 (edited)
Pat tells his family that Frank has pneumonia.

Episode 21: Monday, August 4, 1975
Mary slaps Delia over her negative attitude about Frank's condition. Nell accepts a dinner invitation from Roger.

Episode 22: Tuesday, August 5, 1975
When Roger escorts Nell home after dinner, he attempts to stay, but she sends him on his way. Nell then receives a call from Seneca, who wants her back.

Episode 23: Wednesday, August 6, 1975 (edited)
Ed performs a tracheotomy on Frank.

Episode 25: Friday, August 8, 1975
Delia apologizes to Mary and gives her a bottle of cologne. An angry Faith believes that Bucky got her drunk so he could seduce her. Pat finds Frank struggling to breathe.

Episode 26: Monday, August 11, 1975 (edited)
Jack admits he is wildly attracted to Mary and says that he would like to take her home and make love to her. A flattered Mary says she'd rather stay at the hospital near Frank.

Episode 27: Tuesday, August 12, 1975
Faith apologizes to Bucky and offers to cook dinner for him.

Episode 28: Wednesday, August 13, 1975 (edited)
Jack and Delia meet for the first time when he questions her about what happened to Frank. Mary assures Roger that she trusts Jack.

Episode 29: Thursday, August 14, 1975
Nell tells Johnny that Frank is dying. Bob vows to find the person who pushed Frank.

Episode 30: Friday, August 15, 1975 (edited)
Jack consoles Mary as she deals with the fact that Frank is dying. The Ryan family gather in Frank's hospital room.

Episode 32: Tuesday, August 19, 1975
Nell offers to buy Ed dinner, and he offers to cook them dinner instead. Jack introduces Mary to Jumbo Marino, a longtime friend and father figure.

Episode 33: Wednesday, August 20, 1975
Ed and Nell kiss. Faith agrees to spend a day with Bucky on his houseboat. Delia gets hysterical when Frank's condition improves.

Episode 34: Thursday, August 21, 1975
The Ryan family celebrates the good news about Frank. Mary agrees to join Jack for coffee, and they share their first kiss.

Episode 35: Friday, August 22, 1975
Faith finds Ed and Nell being affectionate in his office. Bucky tells Faith that he is falling in love with her. Delia gets hysterical when Frank opens his eyes.

Episode 36: Monday, August 25, 1975
Faith panics at the thought of making love to Bucky. Ed helps Nell find an apartment.

Episode 37: Tuesday, August 26, 1975
Delia faints when Johnny brings her to Frank's bedside.

Episode 38: Wednesday, August 27, 1975
Delia throws a tantrum after Mary and Bob interrupt her moment with Frank.

Episode 39: Thursday, August 28, 1975
Roger admits to Frank that he took the money. Pat helps Faith and Bucky reconcile.

Episode 40: Friday, August 29, 1975
Seneca interrupts an intimate moment between Ed and Nell. Delia wakes Frank up.

1 comment:

dmappin said...

Kate Mulgrew was such a baby back then. What a career she has had.

There are four Kates in my household

Kate Hepburn
Kate Mulgrew
Kate Jackson &
Kate Bush

The only thing I remember about Ryan's Hope is KM!