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Monday, July 17, 2017

Soap Dish #16 (in which Dr. Miles makes a house call on The Edge of Night)

Today we revisit ABC's The Edge of Night, which was set in the fictional Midwestern city of Monticello. Below you can watch 34 episodes from July-August 1979 starring the handsome Joel Crothers as Dr. Miles Cavanaugh (click here for previous Soap Dish posts).

Sarah Albright - Jenny Lyons
Louise Anderson - Evalyn Baron
Antoine - C.K. Alexander
Miles Cavanaugh - Joel Crothers
Nicole Cavanaugh - Jayne Bentzen
Joey Dials - Joey Jerome
Mickey Dials - Vasili Bogazianos
Eliot Dorn - Lee Godart
Margo Huntington Dorn - Ann Williams
Steve Guthrie - Denny Albee
Jed - Philip Kraus
Mike Karr - Forrest Compton
Nancy Karr - Ann Flood
Brian Madison - Stephen McNaughton
Nola Madison - Kim Hunter
Owen Madison - Bruce Gray
Paige Madison - Margaret Colin
Bill Marceau - Mandel Kramer
Cliff Nelson - Ernie Townsend
Deborah Saxon - Frances Fisher
Geraldine Saxon - Lois Kibbee
April Scott - Terry Davis
Draper Scott - Tony Craig
Calvin Stoner - Irving Allen Lee
Logan Swift - Joe Lambie
Raven Swift - Sharon Gabet
Eddie Vaughn - Stratton Walling
Star Wilson - Yahee

Episode 6051: Tuesday, July 17, 1979
D.A. Logan Swift and attorney Draper Scott confront heiress Paige Madison about her relationship with the assassin who tried to kill her at the disco. Owen Madison tells his alcoholic wife Nola that he has hired ex-cop Steve Guthrie to be Paige's bodyguard. Jed Smith secretly plans to kill Paige, who continues to trust him.

Episode 6052: Wednesday, July 18, 1979
Attorney Mike Karr receives a job offer from a New York law firm, but he refuses the offer. Mike's partner Draper Scott thinks April's mother Margo is trying to break up their marriage.

Episode 6053: Thursday, July 19, 1979
Draper is offered an exciting job offer in a New York law firm. Raven gets ready for her vacation at Palace Park.

Episode 6054: Friday, July 20, 1979
Tobias, the leader of of Paige's terrorist gang, orders Jed to kill Paige.

Episode 6055: Monday, July 23, 1979
Brian is upset to learn that Paige is out on a dinner date with Steve. Jed shoots Calvin and escapes capture.

Episode 6056: Tuesday, July 24, 1979
An angry Brian blames Steve for nearly getting Paige killed. Calvin recovers from being shot. Miles and Nicole and Logan and Raven arrive at the Palace Park. Raven and Elliot plan to meet in his hotel room while Logan is on the golf course.

Episode 6057: Wednesday, July 25, 1979
Raven meets Elliot in his hotel room for some afternoon delight. Miles spots Raven emerging from Elliot's room and realizes that they are having an affair.

Episode 6058: Thursday, July 26, 1979
April and Draper argue over his New York job offer. A jealous Nola interrupts Owen's conversation with Deborah.

Episode 6059: Friday, July 27, 1979
Brian doesn't care much for an old home movie of Paige's birthday party. The Madisons are unaware that they have an assassin with a large knife in their home.

Episode 6060: Monday, July 30, 1979
Deborah continues to reject Cliff's romantic advances.  April agrees to join Draper on his trip to New York. The knife-wielding assassin approaches a sleeping Paige. Owen invites Deborah to dinner to discuss his daughter.

Episode 6061: Tuesday, July 31, 1979
Brian unknowingly saves Paige from the assassin. Miles doesn't tell Nicole about Raven and Eliot's affair. Paige passionately kisses her stepbrother.

Episode 6062: Wednesday, August 1, 1979
Margo is upset to learn from April about Draper's New York job offer. Owen and Nola discuss the imminent arrival of his agent Eddie Vaughn.

Episode 6063: Thursday, August 2, 1979
Nola asks Margo to hire Brian with Nola secretly underwriting his salary. Owen and Deborah become better acquainted over drinks. Steve gets a call from a nurse telling him that Calvin has taken a turn for the worse, but the caller is actually Louise.

Episode 6064: Friday, August 3, 1979
After learning that Calvin is fine, Steve realizes the phone call was a ruse to lure him away from the Madison house. He then phones Paige and orders her to lock her door, but Louise breaks into her bedroom to kill her with a large knife.

Episode 6065: Monday, August 6, 1979
Paige and Louise struggle, and then a gunshot is fired. The Madison family reels from the news that Louise is a member of the Tobias gang. Nola tries to explain to Owen that Louise got her drunk. Deborah hears a sleeping Paige murmur that she loves Brian.

Episode 6066: Tuesday, August 7, 1979
Margo uses blackmail to get Draper's job offer rescinded. Logan receives the nomination to run for D.A. Margo interviews Brian and hires him.

Episode 6067: Wednesday, August 8, 1979
Draper is devastated when he doesn't receive the New York law firm partnership. Eliot and Mickey set up Antoine to make it appear he's stealing.

Episode 6068: Thursday, August 9, 1979
Armed with a gun, Jed steals a hospital orderly uniform and positions himself outside Calvin's room.

Episode 6069: Friday, August 10, 1979
Jed fires shots at Steve and Paige. Steve is unable to shoot Jed when memories of shooting teenager Joey Dials haunt him. Unicorn bartender Mickey Dials remembers substituting his brother Joey's real gun for a toy one after Steve shot him.

Episode 6070: Monday, August 13, 1979
Raven and Eliot plan another extramarital tryst. Miles is kidnapped from his office by a masked gunman.

Episode 6071: Tuesday, August 14, 1979
Miles is forced to treat a wounded Louise, who was shot during her struggle with Paige. When Raven can't get a babysitter for her infant son, she just leaves him alone in the apartment in order to go meet Eliot.

Episode 6072: Wednesday, August 15, 1979
A worried Nicole phones the police and tells Deborah that Miles is missing.

Episode 6073: Thursday, August 16, 1979
Nola asks Paige to find herself a new boyfriend and suggests Steve. Miles escapes from Tobias after Louise dies from her gunshot wound.

Episode 6074: Friday, August 17, 1979
Logan angrily confronts Raven about her whereabouts when she left their son home alone. Miles arrives home and tells the police about his kidnapping.

Episode 6075: Monday, August 20, 1979
Miles is questioned about his ordeal with Tobias. Paige goes to meet Tobias, who aims his gun at her.

Episode 6076: Tuesday, August 21, 1979
Steve shoots Tobias, but when his ski mask is removed, it's Jed. Brian refuses to believe his mother when she tells him that Paige is falling in love with Steve.

Episode 6077: Wednesday, August 22, 1979
Eddie Vaughn, a producer who once romanced Nola, arrives in Monticello with a script for Mansion of the Damned, a jinxed horror movie.

Episode 6078: Thursday, August 23, 1979
Draper is furious to learn that Margo secretly paid for his and April's house. Nola gets drunk at the Unicorn after Owen declines to produce Mansion of the Damned. Margo's former maid, Sarah, catches Eliot and Raven in an embrace.

Episode 6079: Friday, August 24, 1979
Nola meets Eliot for the first time. Raven slaps Sarah. At the Unicorn, Paige follows Mickey outside and calls him Tobias.

Episode 6080: Monday, August 27, 1979
Mickey (Tobias) tells Paige that Steve killed his kid brother Joey. Owen agrees to consider Eddie's idea of producing Mansion of the Damned as a comeback vehicle for Nola. Mickey informs Paige that there is one more assassin in Monticello,

Episode 6081: Tuesday, August 28, 1979
Paige tells Steve that Tobias warned her that gang member Zack wants her dead. Mickey orders Zack to kill Paige.

Episode 6082: Wednesday, August 29, 1979
Mickey plans to shoot Steve to avenge Joey's death. Logan asks Draper to help him legally adopt Jamey.  Calvin takes his first steps. Sarah warns Logan to keep a closer eye on Raven's activities.

Episode 6083: Thursday, August 30, 1979
At the Unicorn, Zack draws his gun to shoot Paige, and Mickey shoots him.

Episode 6084: Friday, August 31, 1979
Raven learns that Logan wants to legally adopt Jamey. After Owen catches Paige and Brian kissing, he reminds Brian that Paige is his flesh-and-blood sister.

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