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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Soap Dish #17 (in which we visit Santa Barbara for the first time)

Today we celebrate the 33rd anniversary of NBC's Santa Barbara, which was created by Bridget and Jerome Dobson. The Southern California city was the setting for the continuing dramas of four families of diverse backgrounds - the wealthy Capwells and Lockridges, the middle-class Perkins and the low-income Andrades. The original cast included future Golden Globe winner Robin Wright (House of Cards) as young Kelly Capwell and the Oscar-nominated Dame Judith Anderson (Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca) as matriarch Minx Lockridge. So sit back and enjoy the first 25 episodes of the show from July-August 1984 (click here for previous Soap Dish posts).

Danny Andrade - Rupert Ravens
Rosa Andrade - Margarita Cordova
Ruben Andrade - Ismael "East" Carlo
Santana Andrade - Ava Lazar
C.C. Capwell - Peter Mark Richman
Channing Capwell Jr. - Robert Brian Wilson
Kelly Capwell - Robin Wright
Mason Capwell - Lane Davies
Ted Capwell - Todd McKee
Dr. Toni Carlin - Renée Jones
Cruz Castillo - A Martinez
Peaches DeLight - Virginia Mayo
Jake Dodge - William Phipp
Dominic - Rosemary Forsyth
Peter Flint - Stephen Meadows
Willard Holmby - Michael Halsey
Augusta Lockridge - Louise Sorel
Laken Lockridge - Julie Ronnie
Lionel Lockridge - Nicolas Coster
Minx Lockridge - Dame Judith Anderson
Warren Lockridge - John Allen Nelson
Jade Perkins - Melissa Brennan
Joe Perkins - Dane Witherspoon
John Perkins - Robert Alan Browne
Marisa Perkins - Valorie Armstrong
Phillip - Ian Abercrombie
Dr. Ramirez - Alejandro Rey
Sally Taylor - Maylo McCaslin

Below are five promos for the July 30 premiere of the show featuring Dane Witherspoon as Joe Perkins, Robin Wright as Kelly Capwell, Ava Lazar as Santana Andrade, Lane Davies as Mason Capwell, and Lloyd Bochner (the Dynasty actor was hired to play C.C. Capwell, but he suffered a heart attack which forced him to leave the series before it debuted).

Episode 1: Monday, July 30, 1984
Joe Perkins is paroled from prison after serving five years for a murder he didn't commit. He is determined to prove that he didn't kill Channing Capwell Jr., the brother of Joe's former fiancee, Kelly Capwell, who is now engaged to Peter Flint. C.C. Capwell is furious that his son's killer is returning home to Santa Barbara. And Joe and Kelly's love theme, Peabo Bryson's "If Ever You're in My Arms Again", is heard as she looks down on him from a helicopter.

Episode 2: Tuesday, July 31, 1984
Joe is reunited with his mother Marisa and his sister Jade, but his father John moves out of the house. Santana Andrade tells her mother Rosa that she gave birth to Channing Jr.'s son and that C.C. forced her to give the child up for adoption.

Episode 3: Wednesday, August 1, 1984
NOTE: Unfortunately, Episodes 3-25 have been edited, but you can still follow the story.
Rosa confronts C.C. about Santana's child. Joe learns about Kelly and Peter's engagement from the newspaper. Hunky lifeguard Warren Lockridge takes care of his body.

Episode 4: Thursday, August 2, 1984
C.C.'s thugs throw Joe into the water. A mysterious stranger named Dominic tells Joe that he believes in his innocence. Santana wants to find her son.

Episode 5: Friday, August 3, 1984
On the Capwell yacht, Joe finally comes face-to-face with Kelly as Peabo Bryson sings.

Episode 6: Monday, August 6, 1984
Joe tells Kelly that he is innocent and that he still loves her.

Episode 7: Tuesday, August 7, 1984
C.C.'s son Ted Capwell moves to Hollywood with Danny Andrade to seek a career as a stuntman. Santana arrives in Acapulco and talks to Dr. Ramirez who delivered her baby.

Episode 8: Wednesday, August 8, 1984
Dominic talks to Joe about solving the Channing Jr. murder case together. Peter confronts Kelly about her feelings for Joe. Dr. Ramirez admits that C.C. took Santana's baby and gave him to his new mother. Ted delivers food to Miss Galaxy 1984 (played by actress Janine Turner), and actor Tim Robbins plays a jerk who calls Joe a killer in front of Jade.

Episode 9: Thursday, August 9, 1984
Jade persuades her parents to let her go to Hollywood.

Episode 10: Friday, August 10, 1984
After one of his oil rigs explodes, C.C. wants Cruz Castillo to help him handle the situation. Santana hires a private detective to follow C.C. Augusta Lockridge offers Joe a job as a maintenance man.

Episode 11: Monday, August 13, 1984
Cruz Castillo arrives to help with the oil rig fire. Jade is discouraged in her ambition to become a movie star. Joe meets Sally Taylor, an old friend from high school.

Episode 12: Tuesday, August 14, 1984
Cruz is driven to the hospital after he collapses. Dominic secretly sets up a meeting between Joe and Kelly.

Episode 13: Wednesday, August 15, 1984
C.C. invites Cruz to recover at the Capwell mansion. Ted and Danny rescue Peaches Delight, a retired fan dancer, from a mugging. Laken Lockridge arrives in Hollywood. Joe tells Kelly that he came back to Santa Barbara for her as well as to find the true murderer of Channing Jr. He later accepts Augusta's job offer.

Episode 14: Thursday, August 16, 1984
Kelly is upset to learn that her best friend Toni is going out to dinner with Joe.

Episode 15: Friday, August 17, 1984
Augusta kisses Joe, who later breaks into the Capwell mansion to find evidence that can exonerate him. Augusta anonymously calls C.C. about Joe.

Episode 16: Monday, August 20, 1984
Joe comes face-to-face with Kelly while trying to escape from the Capwell mansion.

Episode 17: Tuesday, August 21, 1984
Kelly helps Joe escape from the mansion.

Episode 18: Wednesday, August 22, 1984
While riding her horse, Kelly catches Joe and Augusta in an embrace. She and Joe later end up kissing as Peabo Bryson sings.

Episode 19: Thursday, August 23, 1984
Kelly slaps Joe after she responds to his kisses, and she later makes love to Peter. Meanwhile, Joe gets drunk and pays a visit to Augusta. Jade has a screen test with a sleazy producer.

Episode 20: Friday, August 24, 1984
Kelly wakes up next to Peter after their night of passion. Laken discovers that Joe spent the night with her mother. Somebody is about to run over Joe.

Episode 21: Monday, August 27, 1984
Joe learns Augusta was following him because she thought he was seeing another woman. Jade has dinner with movie producer Willard Holmby. Laken and Ted reunite.

Episode 22: Tuesday, August 28, 1984
Augusta informs Joe that Kelly and Peter have set a November wedding date.

Episode 23: Wednesday, August 29, 1984
Augusta runs into her wayward husband, Lionel Lockridge, in a local bar. After she is thrown from a horse, Santana goes missing.

Episode 24: Thursday, August 30, 1984
C.C. finds Santana, who is bitten by a rattlesnake. She later thanks C.C. with a kiss. Jade, Laken, Ted and Danny surprise Peaches Delight by reuniting her with Jake Dodge, a man from her romantic past.

Episode 25: Friday, August 31, 1984
Danny tries to rescue Jade from sleazy movie producer Willard Holmby. Augusta cooks the carrier pigeon that Ted gave Laken. Joe hides in Dominic's car trunk.

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