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Friday, August 4, 2017

Soap Dish #18 (in which Another World's Iris Carrington moves to Texas)

Today we celebrate the 37th anniversary of NBC's Texas, a spin-off of Another World that was created by John William Corrington, Joyce Hooper Corrington and Paul Rauch. It was the first daytime soap opera to originate in a 60-minute format, and actress Beverlee McKinsey, who had played the rich and spoiled Iris Carrington on AW since 1972, became the first daytime performer to receive a starring credit. Texas revolved around Iris (who was reunited with her first love, self-made millionaire Alex Wheeler) as well as three families - the Marshalls, who made millions off their oil-rich land; the wealthy Bellmans, who owned TV station KVIK; and the Dekkers, who owned the Chicken Coop restaurant. The original cast also included Lee Patterson (who played Joe Riley on One Life to Live from 1968-79) and Tony Award nominee Elizabeth Allen (who starred in the Broadway musicals, Do I Hear a Waltz? and Sherry!). So sit back and enjoy 19 episodes of the show from August 1980 (click here for previous Soap Dish posts).

Brian Bancroft - Paul Stevens
Striker Bellman - Robert Gerringer
Victoria Bellman - Elizabeth Allen
Dennis Carrington - Jim Poyner
Iris Carrington - Beverlee McKinsey
Ryan Connor - Philip Clark
Dr. Kevin Cook - Lee Patterson
Reena Cook - Carla Borelli
Mac Cory - Douglass Watson
Clipper Curtis - Scott Stevenson
Elena Dekker - Caryn Richman
Maggie Dekker - Shirley Slater
Max Dekker - Chandler Hill Harben
Rikki Dekker - Randy Hamilton
Terry Dekker - Shanna Reed
Col. Ahmed Al Hassin - Maher Boutros
Dr. Courtney Marshall - Catherine Hickland
Dawn Marshall - Dana Kimmell
Ginny Marshall - Barbara Rucker
Justin Marshall - Jerry Lanning
Kate Marshall - Josephine Nichols
Paige Marshall - Lisby Larson
Steven Marshall - Greg Sutton
Dr. Bart Walker - Joel Colodner
Samantha Walker - Ann McCarthy
Alex Wheeler - Bert Kramer
Billy Joe Wright - John McCafferty
Nita Wright - Ellen Maxted
Princess Jasmine Zehedi - Donna Cyrus

Many of the original characters of Texas were first introduced on Another World, and here is the final crossover episode of AW from Friday, August 1, 1980, in which Iris pays a visit to Alex Wheeler's office before she leaves Houston.

Episode 1: Monday, August 4, 1980
Iris is surprised when she learns that she is the reason why her Bay City-bound plane is returning to Houston. Clipper declares his love to Terry. Dennis admits his love to Dawn. Alex Wheeler reveals to Iris that he arranged for her plane to return.

Episode 2: Tuesday, August 5, 1980
Vicky confesses her ongoing affair with Alex to Kevin. Paige schemes to gain employment at the Top of the World Club. Bart invites Courtney to enter into medical practice with him.

Episode 3: Wednesday, August 6, 1980
A shirtless Rikki waxes his stock car. Terry interrupts Clipper and Paige getting intimate. Bart admits his love to Courtney.

Episode 4: Thursday, August 7, 1980
Courtney accepts Bart's job offer, and she and Kevin go swimming.

Episode 5: Friday, August 8, 1980
Dennis helps Dawn pack up the Marshall house and cope with her father's death. Bart catches Courtney and Kevin kissing in the pool.

Episode 6: Monday, August 11, 1980
Reena tells Vicky she is staying in Houston. Nita meets Rikki. Terry tells a shirtless Clipper she wants to marry him. Kevin reveals to Courtney that Striker funded the cardiac unit in exchange for him remaining married to Reena.

Episode 7: Tuesday, August 12, 1980
Reena vows revenge on Vicky and hires a private detective to tail her mother. Striker bargains with Kevin to remain married to Reena since he doesn't have much longer to live. Kevin informs Courtney that he will honor Striker's request that he stay married to Reena.

Episode 8: Wednesday, August 13, 1980
Iris tells Alex that she may stay in Houston once she settles matters with Brian Bancroft in Bay City. Detective Waylon gives Reena the pictures of Alex and Vicky together. Vicky refuses to be blackmailed by Reena.

Episode 9: Thursday, August 14, 1980
Kate introduces Ryan to Justin and Ginny. Vicky decides to keep mum to Striker about her affair with Alex. Ginny invites Ryan to go on a horse ride. Clipper and Paige make out.

Episode 10: Friday, August 15, 1980
Vicky reveals to Kevin that Reena is blackmailing her about her affair with Alex. Dennis warns Iris to stay away from Alex because he is responsible for Mike's suicide. Max and Reena argue shortly after they meet. She then urges Justin to fire Max.

Episode 11: Monday, August 18, 1980
Brian Bancroft arrives in Houston to see Iris. Alex reveals his history with Iris to Brian, who assures him there are no issues with the divorce proceedings. Iris tells Brian that Dennis is Alex's son. Iris is unable to sign the divorce papers and let go of her old life in Bay City.

Episode 12: Tuesday, August 19, 1980
NOTE: Due to a copyright claim, the audio track on the complete episode has been muted.
Reena uses the pictures to force her mother to hire Justin at KVIK. Kevin ends his relationship with Courtney. Ryan and Ginny go horseback riding.

Episode 13: Wednesday, August 20, 1980
Iris explains to Mac that she is staying in Houston because she met someone who has loved her for 25 years. Alex calls Iris just as Reena is about to show her the pictures of Alex and Vicky together.

Episode 14: Thursday, August 21, 1980
Max tries to convince Ginny that her husband Barrett will never return (he was reported as missing in action during the Vietnam War) and declares his feelings for her.

Episode 15: Friday, August 22, 1980
Alex tells Iris the Marshall house is hers. Dawn catches Alex and Iris sharing a kiss and demands to know the reason they are in her father's house.

Episode 16: Monday, August 25, 1980
Iris tells Dennis and Dawn that Alex intends to buy the Marshall house for her. Max ends his fight with Reena by kissing her. Dennis tells Dawn he is remaining in Houston and shows interest in buying the Western Art gallery.

Episode 17: Tuesday, August 26, 1980
Justin rescues Rikki when his wrecked car catches fire during the race. Dennis and Dawn get passionate.

Episode 18: Wednesday, August 27, 1980
Everyone is grateful to Justin for rescuing Rikki. Iris realizes that Dennis and Dawn have slept together. Reena runs out after Kevin informs her that Striker is sick.

Episode 20: Friday, August 29, 1980 (edited episode)
Reena is still not sure if she should show the pictures to Iris. Vicky tells Alex about Reena's blackmail efforts. Iris is not happy when Dennis tells her he is going to buy the art gallery and marry Dawn.

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