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Monday, November 13, 2017

Soap Dish #23 (in which an earthquake shakes up Santa Barbara)

Today we revisit Santa Barbara in November 1984 when a major earthquake shook up the soap opera - and click here to read Tom Shales' Washington Post article on this dramatic plot twist. Now sit back and enjoy 21 episodes of the NBC soap (click here for previous Santa Barbara posts).

Michael Adams - Eric A. Stromer
Danny Andrade - Rupert Ravens
Rosa Andrade - Margarita Cordova
Ruben Andrade - Ismael "East" Carlo
Santana Andrade - Ava Lazar
Summer Blake - Jonna Leigh Stack
Mr. Bottoms - Ray Walston
C.C. Capwell - Charles Bateman
Channing Capwell Jr. - Robert Brian Wilson
Eden Capwell - Marcy Walker
Kelly Capwell - Robin Wright
Mason Capwell - Lane Davies
Ted Capwell - Todd McKee
Cruz Castillo - A Martinez
Crystal - Heather Lowe
Brandon Demott - Scott Curtis
Gina Demott - Linda Gibboney
Dominic/Sophia - Judith McConnell
Peter Flint - Stephen Meadows
Veronica Gayley - Andrea Howard
Ginger Jones - Paula Kelly
Augusta Lockridge - Louise Sorel
Laken Lockridge - Julie Ronnie
Lionel Lockridge - Nicolas Coster
Minx Lockridge - Dame Judith Anderson
Warren Lockridge - John Allen Nelson
Amy Perkins - Kerry Sherman
Jade Perkins - Melissa Brennan
Joe Perkins - Mark Arnold
John Perkins - Robert Alan Browne
Marisa Perkins - Valorie Armstrong
Frank Powell - Sam Scarber
Brick Wallace - Richard Eden

Episode 69: Thursday, November 1, 1984
Eden and Cruz remember their first meeting three years earlier in France. Peter decides to kill Joe.

Episode 70: Friday, November 2, 1984
Ginger brings Peter a gun to get rid of Joe Perkins.

Episode 71: Monday, November 5, 1984
Peter offers to help Kelly prove Joe's innocence.  Lionel makes the earth move for Augusta during a brief earthquake tremor.

Episode 72: Tuesday, November 6, 1984
Lionel is confronted by Sophia's ghost in the graveyard. Cruz informs C.C. of the imminent risk of an earthquake in Santa Barbara. Warren kisses Summer after their diving class.

Episode 73: Wednesday, November 7, 1984
Joe goes to meet Dominic, unaware that Peter is waiting for him. A surprise party is thrown to celebrate Marisa and John's reconciliation.

Episode 74: Thursday, November 8, 1984
Augusta accuses Lionel of having an affair and thinks that Eden is his mistress. Joe is chased in the forest by Peter, who tries to shoot him. Kelly later finds the two men fighting, and a gunshot is heard.

Episode 75: Friday, November 9, 1984
Wounded by a bullet, Peter is driven to the hospital in an ambulance. Lionel decides to tell Eden the truth about her mother. Augusta is standing at the edge of a cliff when an earthquake hits Santa Barbara.

Episode 76: Monday, November 12, 1984
Lionel saves Augusta's life. After Joe helps the policemen who are taking him to prison, they let him go. Kelly and Dominic are trapped in the basement of his building.

Episode 77: Tuesday, November 13, 1984
Marisa finds an injured John, who then dies. Santana confesses to Ruben that Brandon is her son.

Episode 78: Wednesday, November 14, 1984
Mason finds an unconscious Santana and Brandon because of the gas leak. Ruben is seriously hurt when he causes an explosion with a match. Dominic's true identity as Sophia is revealed (to the TV audience).

Episode 79: Thursday, November 15, 1984
Marisa informs Amy and Jade of their father's death. Mason asks Santana to marry him.

Episode 80: Friday, November 16, 1984
Wearing a big black hat and veil to disguise her identity, Sophia visits a sleeping Kelly in her hospital room. But when C.C. surprises her, Sophia flees.

Episode 81: Monday, November 19, 1984
Santana and Mason give each other massages and kisses. Kelly visits Peter in his hospital room.

Episode 82: Tuesday, November 20, 1984
Peter confesses to Kelly that he knows Joe is innocent of Channing's murder.

Episode 83: Wednesday, November 21, 1984
Peter goes into cardiac arrest after confessing to Kelly that he saw Mason in Channing's office the day of his murder.

Episode 84: Thursday, November 23, 1984
Mason and Santana dance to Paul McCartney's "No More Lonely Nights", and she asks him to spend the night with her. The Capwells celebrate Thanksgiving. Kelly threatens to send Mason to prison for his crimes.

Episode 85: Friday, November 24, 1984
C.C. accuses Santana of seeing Mason only to get closer to Brandon. Kelly reveals to Mason that she plans to tell the district attorney that he is the murderer of Channing Jr.

Episode 86: Monday, November 27, 1984
C.C. announces publicly that Joe is innocent of his son's murder. Amy receives confirmation that she is pregnant. When Peter threatens to destroy him, Mason attacks him in his hospital room.

Episode 87: Tuesday, November 28, 1984
Peter slips into a coma. C.C. refuses to believe that Santana has real feelings for Mason.

Episode 88: Wednesday, November 29, 1984
Jade learns that her sister Amy is pregnant. C.C. learns about Peter's confession and orders Mason to leave the mansion. He then changes his will to disinherit Mason.

Episode 89: Thursday, November 30, 1984
C.C. threatens Mason with a gun. Mason discovers that C.C.'s will names Brandon as an heir. He later learns from Dr. Ramirez that Santana is Brandon's biological mother.

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