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Friday, December 22, 2017

Soap Dish #24 (in which we celebrate the holiday season with Another World's Ray Liotta and Christopher Knight)

Today we celebrate the holiday season of December 1980-January 1981 with 25 episodes of Another World featuring Ray Liotta (as Joey Perrini) and The Brady Bunch's Christopher Knight (as Leigh Hobson). Click here for my previous Another World post).

Judge Baker - Daniel Keyes
Brian Bancroft - Paul Stevens
Miranda Bishop - Judith McConnell
Mitch Blake - William Gray Espy
Felice Carpenter - Elizabeth Kemp
Zachary Colton - Curt Dawson
Jess Cooper - Bill Moor
Amanda Cory - Nicole Catalanotto
Mac Cory - Douglass Watson
Rachel Cory - Victoria Wyndham
Dr. Olivia Delaney - Tina Sloan
Cecile de Poulignac - Susan Keith
Ruby Donner - Kristin Griffith
Dooley - Paul Katz
Jason Dunlap - Warren Burton
Clarice Ewing - Gail Brown
Cory Ewing - Carmine Rizzo
Larry Ewing - Richard J. Porter
Jamie Frame - Richard Bekins
Brad Garrick - Jack Parrish
Vivien Gorrow - Gretchen Oehler
Blaine Grove - Laura Malone
Jerry Grove - Kevin Conroy
Margo Grove - Judy Cassmore
Amy Halloway - Deborah Hobart
Rick Halloway - Tony Cummings
Ada Hobson - Constance Ford
Charlie Hobson - Fred J. Scollay
Philip Lyons - Robert Gentry
Jim Matthews - Hugh Marlowe
Liz Matthews - Irene Dailey
Dr. Russ Matthews - David Bailey
Tracy Matthews - Janice Lynde
Linda Metcalf - Vera Moore
Ernie Payson - Kim Milford
Joey Perrini - Ray Liotta
Kit Perrini - Bradley Bliss
Marianne Randolph - Beth Collins
Pat Randolph - Beverly Penberthy
Jordan Scott - J. Kenneth Campbell
Susannah - Denise Koch

Episode 4167: Monday, December 1, 1980
Rick confronts Amy about Brad's mental history. Amy encourages Cecile to pursue Mac Cory before Miranda moves in on him. In his isolated mountain cabin, Mitch dreams about Rachel shooting him. Mac enters the courtroom just before the verdict is read.

Episode 4168: Tuesday, December 2, 1980
Rachel is found guilty of murdering Mitch, and Judge Baker sentences her to prison for five to eight years. Rachel tells Mac that she has made arrangements to have Tracy and Russ raise the baby and that she is going to give him a divorce.

Episode 4169: Wednesday, December 3, 1980
Joey and Kit meet with a priest in order to receive their annulment papers.

Episode 4170: Thursday, December 4, 1980
Rick helps Marianne move into her new apartment, and they share their first kiss. When Amy asks Brad if he ever told anyone that he had been in a mental institution, he attacks her and nearly chokes her.

Episode 4171: Friday, December 5, 1980
Amy picks a fight with Cecile and quits her job. Mac tells Rachel that he plans to prove that she didn't intend to kill Mitch.

Episode 4172: Monday, December 8, 1980
Mac and Brian accompany Rachel to prison, where she meets another inmate, Ruby.

Episode 4173: Tuesday, December 9, 1980
Brad apologizes to Amy with flowers and a pin and explains that he was high on drugs when he tried to choke her. Amy says goodbye to Kit and Miranda before leaving town.

Episode 4174: Wednesday, December 10, 1980
With Blaine in St. Louis, Jordan casts his roving eye on his employee Susannah, who lies that she has a date with Joey. Joey later invites her to go roller-skating. Larry invites Jerry to go roller-skating with him and Clarice, and Jerry then asks Kit to join them. Liz tells Jim that Margo is too young for him.

Episode 4175: Thursday, December 11, 1980
Pat admits to Philip that she keeps little bottles of vodka in her purse. She later insists that she doesn't have a drinking problem.

Episode 4176: Friday, December 12, 1980
Ruby tells Rachel about her friend Sue and Sue's boyfriend Danny who found a wounded man in their camper after pulling some robberies in the Cory neighborhood. Rachel later tells Mac about the guy who was shot.

Episode 4177: Monday, December 15, 1980
Cecile hosts a party for Mac in her suite. Jason tells Olivia she will get Russ when he gets Tracy.

Episode 4178: Tuesday, December 16, 1980
Brad kisses Kit, who says they are just good friends. He then accuses her of being involved with Jerry. Blaine tells Joey not to ask so many questions about Jordan's rigged gambling set-up.

Episode 4179: Wednesday, December 17, 1980
Kit is excited to be getting her job back at the hospital. Mac tells Ruby's boyfriend Ernie Payson that he needs his help to prove that Rachel is innocent.

Episode 4180: Thursday, December 18, 1980
Rachel gives birth to a baby boy and names him Matthew Cory. Ernie tells Mac that his cousin Sue said that the man who was shot had amnesia. Liz tells Russ that Pat was drunk at work.

Episode 4181: Friday, December 19, 1980
Brad storms off when Jerry tells him to leave Kit alone. Mac suspects that the body in the barn might not be Mitch Blake's.

Episode 4182: Monday, December 22, 1980
Rachel tells Ada about Mac's theory that Mitch is still alive. Mac tells Ada he wants custody of Matthew and that he is still in love with Rachel. Larry agrees to accept a loan from Jordan.

Episode 4183: Tuesday, December 23, 1980
Tracy tells Russ she isn't so sure she can handle both a career and a baby. Mac wants Rachel to let him have Matthew and promises to love him as his own son. Rick asks Marianne to the Roller Disco. Jerry asks Kit to the Roller Disco and thinks he is falling in love with her.

Episode 4184: Wednesday, December 24, 1980
Cecile throws a party on Christmas Eve. Jerry kisses Kit under the mistletoe. Mac reads "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to Amanda and Vivien.

Episode 4185: Thursday, December 25, 1980
Jerry and Kit share a Christmas kiss. Mac tells Jamie that he is going to prove that Mitch is still alive.

Episode 4186: Friday, December 26, 1980
Brad leaves town to go to Switzerland after he finally accepts that Kit doesn't love him. Joey comforts Ada after Charlie dies in his sleep.

Episode 4187: Monday, December 29, 1980
Larry gets out of the shower to answer the phone. Brian tells Rachel and Mac that he has permission for her to be released to his custody to attend Charlie's memorial service.

Episode 4188: Tuesday, December 30, 1980
After Tracy tells Russ that she is going to be headlining at the Pyramid Hotel in Las Vegas, they argue over the fact that both their careers will take them away from each other.

Episode 4189: Wednesday, December 31, 1980
Leigh Hobson arrives on his sister Clarice's doorstep. Philip asks an inebriated Pat to marry him as the Arena crowd welcomes in the New Year. She then passes out on the floor.

Episode 4190: Thursday, January 1, 1981
Rachel arrives home for Charlie's memorial service, and she and Mac decide to forget their divorce and kiss. But later she drives off to search for Mitch.

Episode 4191: Friday, January 2, 1981
Jamie tells Mac that he is going to help him find Rachel. After learning about the loan that Larry got from Jordan, Clarice angrily refuses to live in a house bought with Jordan Scott's money. Leigh tells Clarice that he has decided to stay in Bay City.


Hot Guys said...

Wow, Ray Liotta was young... :D

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Deep Dish said...

Mr. Liotta turned 26 on December 18, 1980.