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Friday, December 22, 2017

Vote for 2017's Dish of the Year

Who was your favorite Dish of the Year? Beginning today you can vote for your favorite guy from among the 12 most popular Dishes of 2017. The winner will be revealed on Wednesday, January 3, and the Dish of the Day will return on Monday, January 1.

Mr. January: Dish #2060

Mr. February: Dish #2068 (Xristian Restrepo)

Mr. March: Dish #2106 (Justin Sanders)

Mr. April: Dish #2129 (Andre Hofmann)

Mr. May: Dish #2151 (Zach Williams)

Mr. June: Dish #2157 (Zack Riley)

Mr. July: Dish #2181 (Steve Grand, Dave & AJ)

Mr. August: Dish #2200 (Matthew Camp)

Mr. September: Dish #2241

Mr. October: Dish #2258

Mr. November: Dish #2278 (Killian Belliard)

Mr. December: Dish #2291 (Adam Zivkovic)

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