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Monday, February 5, 2018

Soap Dish #26 (in which you are invited to Santa Barbara's very first wedding)

Today we revisit Santa Barbara's very first wedding as Joe Perkins and Kelly Capwell become husband and wife on February 5, 1985 (sadly, their marriage is short-lived). Below you can watch 21 episodes of the NBC soap (click here for previous Santa Barbara posts).

Danny Andrade - Rupert Ravens
Rosa Andrade - Margarita Cordova
Ruben Andrade - Ismael "East" Carlo
Dr. Marcello Armonti - Wolf Muser
Jeff Barber - Bob McLean
C.C. Capwell - Charles Bateman
Eden Capwell - Marcy Walker
Kelly Capwell - Robin Wright
Mason Capwell - Lane Davies
Sophia Capwell - Judith McConnell
Ted Capwell - Todd McKee
Cruz Castillo - A Martinez
Brandon Demott - Scott Curtis
Gina Demott - Linda Gibboney
Peter Flint - Stephen Meadows
Candy Fox - Rhonda Aldrich
Veronica Gayley - Andrea Howard
Maggie Gillis - Suzanne Marshall
Mary Hart (as herself)
Augusta Lockridge - Louise Sorel
Laken Lockridge - Julie Ronnie
Lionel Lockridge - Nicolas Coster
Minx Lockridge - Dame Judith Anderson
Warren Lockridge - John Allen Nelson
Sgt. Clifford T. Monroe - Joe Lambie
Dr. Montclair - Janet MacLachlan
Jeffrey Osborne (as himself)
Jackie Parks - Martina Deignan
Larry Parks - Ted LePlat
Elizabeth Peale - Lauren Chase
Amy Perkins - Kerry Sherman
Jade Perkins - Melissa Brennan
Joe Perkins - Mark Arnold
Marisa Perkins - Valorie Armstrong
Sally Taylor - Maylo McCaslin
Brick Wallace - Richard Eden

Episode 132: Friday, February 1, 1985
Lionel gives Sophia ten days to inform her family that she is alive. Eden confronts journalist Susan Carlyle and grabs her hat and wig, revealing her true identity as Sophia Capwell.

Episode 133: Monday, February 4, 1985
At first Eden is happy to discover that her mother is alive, but then she criticizes her for having left her children.

Episode 134: Tuesday, February 5, 1985
Susan Carlyle (Sophia) visits Kelly before the wedding ceremony, and Kelly introduces her to C.C.
Entertainment Tonight's Mary Hart interviews Jeffrey Osborne, who sings "Greatest Love Affair" during the wedding.

Episode 135: Wednesday, February 6, 1985
Jeffrey Osborne sings his 1982 hit, "On the Wings of Love", as Kelly and Joe dance at their reception. Later, Eden and Cruz take over the dance floor as Osborne performs "The Borderlines". C.C. announces his surprise engagement to Gina.

Episode 136: Thursday, February 7, 1985
Eden disapproves of her father's engagement to Gina. Peter asks a prostitute, Candy Fox, to pretend to be his wife and wear a wedding dress identical to Kelly's. He then strangles her, and Kelly and Joe rush in to the room to discover the dead girl.

Episode 137: Friday, February 8, 1985
Peter passes a lie detector test.  He later arrives in Palm Springs, where Kelly and Joe are spending their honeymoon.

Episode 138: Monday, February 11, 1985
Elizabeth helps murder suspect Warren escape the police. Jeff Barber, the father of Amy's baby, pays her a visit. While Joe is out shopping, Peter confronts Kelly.

Episode 139: Tuesday, February 12, 1985
While trying to escape from Peter, Kelly takes a bad fall, and he then kidnaps her. Joe later informs Eden and Cruz that Kelly has disappeared. Amy learns that the only way she can avoid a probable miscarriage is to have an operation. At the hospital, Brick punches Jeff and warns him to stay away from Amy.

Episode 140: Wednesday, February 13, 1985
Elizabeth brings food to Warren, who is hiding in a stable. Peter rapes Kelly, and she later hides a knife under the bed's mattress.

Episode 141: Thursday, February 14, 1985
Kelly stabs Peter in the knee and escapes. She later faces a snake and a cougar in the desert.

Episode 142: Friday, February 15, 1985
Amy chooses not to have the operation. Lionel and Augusta kiss. Kelly hits Peter on the hand with an ax and escapes. She later blows up an abandoned car just as Peter opens its door.

Episode 143: Monday, February 18, 1985
When Mason confronts Susan Carlyle with his knowledge that she and the Contessa Armonti are the same person, Lionel knocks him unconscious. Joe finally finds Kelly, while a young woman picks up an injured Peter in her van.

Episode 144: Tuesday, February 19, 1985
Eden and Cruz make love. Amy is released from the hospital, and she and Brick finally confess their love. After he is attacked by two men, Brick punches Jeff Barber in the face. Peter types a letter to Kelly, asking for her forgiveness. A mysterious person then types other lines on the letter.

Episode 145: Wednesday, February 20, 1985
The end of Peter's letter is revealed to be a confession that he is also the murderer of Channing Jr. When Lionel is released from prison, Augusta and Laken celebrate with champagne. Augusta realizes that the Contessa Armonti and Sophia Capwell are the same person.

Episode 146: Thursday, February 21, 1985
Lionel informs C.C. and Sophia that Peter's murder confession has exonerated him. A lifeless body is found on the beach.

Episode 147: Friday, February 22, 1985
Kelly and Joe accept Amy's invitation to a party in their honor. Mason informs Kelly and Joe that Peter is still alive. Peter arrives at Amy's to surprise "his wife" Kelly.

Episode 148: Monday, February 25, 1985
Mason learns that C.C. is still legally married to Sophia since she was never officially declared dead. A deranged Peter takes Amy's party guests as hostages.

Episode 149: Tuesday, February 26, 1985
Peter shoots Jackie's husband Larry. Kelly escapes from the house, leaving Joe, Mason and Amy to attempt to reason with Peter. Policewoman Maggie Gillis offers to dress up as Kelly in order to shoot Peter.

Episode 150: Wednesday, February 27, 1985
While visiting Elizabeth in the hospital, Warren is attracted to another patient - Maggie Gillis, who was shot by Peter. Cruz makes Peter believe that Kelly is dying and that her last wish is to see Peter again. Armed with a gun, Kelly enters the house.

Episode 151: Thursday, February 28, 1985
Peter shoots Joe and throws him through a window. Cruz shoots Peter, who collapses on the floor and dies. Joe is in critical condition after surgery.

Episode 152: Friday, March 1, 1985
Joe dies after telling Kelly he loves her. Later, Dr. Marcello Armonti hypnotizes Kelly. The Contessa Armonti (Sophia) seeks Mason's help in approaching Kelly and decides to reveal her true identity to him.

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