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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Soap Dish #27 (in which you are invited to Jenny and Greg's Valentine's Day wedding)

Today we celebrate Valentine's Day by revisiting ABC's All My Children and the wedding of Jenny Gardner (Kim Delaney) and Greg Nelson (Laurence Lau) on February 14, 1984. I've also included a segment of The View's All My Children tribute on September 23, 2011, featuring Delaney, Lau and Susan Lucci (click here for previous AMC posts).

Adam Chandler - David Canary
Ross Chandler - Robert Gentry
Larry Colby - Joseph Warren
Liza Colby - Marcy Walker
Marian Colby - Jennifer Bassey
Palmer Cortlandt - James Mitchell
Ellen Dalton - Kathleen Noone
Mark Dalton - Mark LaMura
Myrtle Fargate - Eileen Herlie
Bill Fisher - Sam Wright
Jenny Gardner - Kim Delaney
Mrs. Gonzales - Gloria Irizarry
Nancy Grant - Lisa Wilkinson
Angie Hubbard - Debbi Morgan
Jesse Hubbard - Darnell Williams
Dr. Joe Martin - Ray MacDonnell
Joey Martin -Michael Scaleri
Kate Martin - Kay Campbell
Ruth Martin - Mary Fickett
Tad Martin - Michael E. Knight
Enid Nelson - Natalie Ross
Greg Nelson - Laurence Lau
Erica Kane  - Susan Lucci
Dottie Thornton -Tasia Valenza
Mona Tyler - Frances Heflin
Alfred Vanderpoole - Bill Timoney
Langley Wallingford - Louis Edmonds
Phoebe Tyler Wallingford - Ruth Warrick
Dr. Cliff Warner - Peter Bergman
Joanna Yaeger - Meg Myles

Tuesday, February 14, 1984
Jenny and Greg are finally married in front of family and friends (an ear infection prevents Jenny's mother Opal from leaving Arizona). Palmer discovers that the Chandlers have come to Pine Valley to build a gambling mall. Adam tries to clear up a misunderstanding with Erica. After being badly beaten by a drug pusher, Liza regains consciousness and says Tad's name. Her father then attacks Tad and accuses him of hurting her.


Anonymous said...

Oh what wonderful memories! Thank you so much for posting this.

Deep Dish said...

You're welcome! Glad you liked the post.