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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Soap Dish #28 (in which we celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Tom Desmond and the Ryans)

Today we celebrate St. Patrick's Day with 23 episodes of ABC's Ryan's Hope from March 1978 featuring actor Thomas MacGreevy as Irish immigrant Tom Desmond, who later married Faith Coleridge (MacGreevy was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1946). Click here for previous Ryan's Hope posts).

Dr. Seneca Beaulac - John Gabriel
Dr. Bucky Carter - Justin Deas
Edmund Strong Coleridge - Buddy Schultz
Dr. Faith Coleridge - Catherine Hicks
Jillian Coleridge - Nancy Addison
Dr. Roger Coleridge - Ron Hale
Tom Desmond - Thomas MacGreevy
Liam Donahue - James Rogan
Dave Feldman - Joseph Leon
Jack Fenelli - Michael Levin
Polly Longworth - Molly McGreevy
Kevin MacGuinness - Malachy McCourt
Father McShane - John Perkins
Dr. Clem Moultrie - Hannibal Penney, Jr.
Alicia Nieves - Ana Alicia Ortiz
Dr. Pagano - Gene Rupert
Bob Reid - Earl Hindman
Delia Reid Ryan - Ilene Kristen
Frank Ryan - Daniel Hugh-Kelly
Little John Ryan - Jadrien Steele
Johnny Ryan - Bernard Barrow
Maeve Ryan - Helen Gallagher
Mary Ryan Fenelli - Mary Carney
Dr. Pat Ryan - Malcolm Groome
Howard Simpson - Joseph Bova
Rae Woodard - Louise Shaffer

Episode 688: Wednesday, March 1, 1978
Liam breaks into Tom's apartment as Faith tries to keep Tom quiet. Seneca survives surgery.

Episode 689: Thursday, March 2, 1978
Jill and Frank agree to proceed cautiously with their relationship. Bucky tells Faith to let everyone know that Tom is dead. Liam is pleased when Bucky tells him that a man who was shot has died.

Episode 690: Friday, March 3, 1978
Mary blames herself for Tom's death. Frank is upset when Rae says that Jill will agree to wait for him until after the election if she really loves him.

Episode 691: Monday, March 6, 1978
Jill tells Seneca that they cannot pick up where they left off. Delia refuses Roger's advice when he says she should consider letting go of Pat.

Episode 692: Tuesday, March 7, 1978
Frank tells Jack of his plans to pursue Jill against Rae's wishes. Mary feels guilty about leading Tom's killer to him. Delia fears that she will lose Pat. Johnny delivers the eulogy at Tom's funeral. After everyone leaves, Liam peeks into the casket.

Episode 693: Wednesday, March 8, 1978
The Ryans have a small memorial for Tom at the bar. Frank finds himself tempted by Rae. When Liam threatens Faith at Tom's apartment, Tom emerges from the hidden room. Faith throws a pot of hot water in Liam's face, causing him to drop his gun. Faith then hears a scream as someone falls off the fire escape.

Episode 694: Thursday, March 9, 1978
Faith finds Tom alive and realizes that it was Liam who fell to his death.

Episode 695: Friday, March 10, 1978
Faith explains to the Ryans that Tom is alive after having to fake his own death. Maeve and Johnny decide to take a cruise. Delia is upset when Pat refuses to make love to her.

Episode 696: Monday, March 13, 1978
Seneca is furious when he learns that Jill is getting back together with Frank. Tom admits that he has fallen in love with Faith.

Episode 697: Tuesday, March 14, 1978
Roger learns that Delia plans to ruin Maeve and Johnny's vacation plans. Frank finds himself attracted to Rae.

Episode 698: Wednesday, March 15, 1978
Rae throws a successful dinner party. Frank announces his decision to run for the Senate.  Faith is comforted by Tom after having a nightmare. Bob interrupts Rae's seduction of Frank.

Episode 699: Thursday, March 16, 1978
An ecstatic Frank visits Jill to share his decision to run for the Senate. Jill accepts Frank's invitation to spend St. Patrick's Day with his family.

Episode 700: Friday, March 17, 1978
When Rae arrives at the Ryans' St. Patrick's Day party, she is unhappy to see Frank, Jill, Edmund and Little John together like a family. Maeve sings "Danny Boy" at the party.

Episode 701: Monday, March 20, 1978
After Delia informs them of Pat's drug addiction. Maeve and Johnny discuss giving their cruise to Pat and Delia. Faith fills Tom in on St. Patrick's Day at the Ryans.

Episode 702: Tuesday, March 21, 1978
Frank wants Jill to work on his campaign, which doesn't make Rae happy. Maeve and Johnny are hurt that Pat did not tell them about his addiction.

Episode 703: Wednesday, March 22, 1978
Rae devises a plan to keep Jill away from Frank's campaign. When Tom continues to pressure her to become romantically involved, Faith finds him impossible to resist. Rae invites Seneca and Maeve to be on the medical board panel.

Episode 704: Thursday, March 23, 1978
Delia is ecstatic when Maeve and Johnny offer their vacation to her and Pat.

Episode 705: Friday, March 24, 1978
Mary is furious when she learns that Delia has managed to get Maeve and Johnny's vacation. Delia accuses Mary of trying to cause trouble for her and Pat.

Episode 706: Monday, March 27, 1978
Johnny tells Pat that he and Faith belong together and convinces him to tell her how he feels. But Pat then learns from Delia that Faith and Tom are living together.

Episode 707: Tuesday, March 28, 1978
Frank and a drunk Seneca exchange words about Jill.

Episode 708: Wednesday, March 29, 1978
Faith serves an egg cream to a shirtless Tom.

Episode 709: Thursday, March 30, 1978
Seneca confronts Rae with his suspicions that she got him drunk in order to set up the disagreeable incident at Frank's campaign function. Delia and Pat meet another cruise passenger, Howard Simpson.

Episode 710: Friday, March 31, 1978
When Tom receives a letter about his immigration status, he tells Faith that he might have to return to Ireland. Jill and Frank go to Lem's Chinese restaurant, where Rae and Seneca are also dining.


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