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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Soap Dish #30 (in which Janet from Another Planet arrives in Pine Valley)

Today we revisit All My Children and the arrival of Natalie's sister, Janet Green (aka Janet from Another Planet), in Pine Valley. Below you can watch 30 episodes of the show from May-July 1991 (click here for previous AMC posts).

Detective Neil Berniker - Michael Guido
Brian Bodine - Matt Borlenghi
Charlie Brent - Charles Van Eman
Adam Chandler - David Canary
Natalie Chandler - Kate Collins
Stuart Chandler - David Canary
An Li Chen - Irene Ng
Dr. Clader - Bob Heitman
Marian Colby - Jennifer Bassey
Ceara Connor - Genie Francis
Claudia Connor - Bethel Leslie
George Connor - Stephen Joyce
Susan Connor - Susan Vanech
Melanie Cortlandt - Paige Turco
Opal Cortlandt - Jill Larson
Palmer Cortlandt - James Mitchell
Will Cortlandt - Patrick Stuart
Tom Cudahy - Richard Shoberg
Timmy Hunter - Tommy J. Michaels
Trevor Dillon - James Kiberd
Brooke English - Julia Barr
Ethel - Babs Hoovman
Derek Frye - William Christian
Livia Frye - Tonya Pinkins
Terrence Frye - Akili Prince
Janet Green - Kate Collins
Myrtle Fargate - Eileen Herlie
Jeremy Hunter - Jean LeClerc
Katie Kennicott - Greta Lind
Dixie Martin - Cady McClain
Emily Ann Martin - Liz Vassey
Dr. Joe Martin - Ray MacDonnell
Joey Martin - Michael Brainard
Ruth Martin - Mary Fickett
Barbara Montgomery - Susan Pratt
Erica Kane Montgomery - Susan Lucci
Jackson Montgomery - Walt Willey
Enid Nelson - Natalie Ross
David Rampal - Trent Bushey
Mimi Reed - Shari Headley
Dr. Anna Tolan - Courtney Sherman
Dr. Chuck Tyler - Richard Van Vleet
Donna Tyler - Candice Earley
Mona Tyler - Frances Heflin
Arlene Vaughan - Phyllis Lyons
Hayley Vaughan - Kelly Ripa
Langley Wallingford - Louis Edmonds
Phoebe Tyler Wallingford - Ruth Warrick

Thursday, May 23, 1991
Adam tries to talk to Arlene about Hayley, but Trevor throws him out. When Janet calls, Trevor invites her to visit them in Pine Valley, which Natalie is not thrilled about. Erica is upset with Opal's matchmaking scheme for her and Charlie. But later she and Charlie become romantically involved. Ceara is not pleased to see her father when he arrives in Pine Valley.

Friday, May 24, 1991
It's the morning after for Erica and Charlie. Erica wants to keep her and Charlie's romance a secret. Arlene's sentencing takes place. Timmy heads off to camp. Melanie calls Palmer to inform him that she has agreed to marry David. Janet shows up on Natalie's doorstep.

Monday, May 27, 1991
Natalie agrees to let Janet stay with her after learning that her husband has dumped her and left her penniless. Palmer gives Melanie and David his blessing on their engagement. Jeremy and David reconcile. George bursts into Dr. Tolan`s office when he finds out that Ceara is in a therapy session.

Tuesday, May 28, 1991
Hayley asks Natalie for a car loan, but Trevor tears up Natalie's check to her. Hayley meets Janet.  Jeremy prevents George from dragging Ceara out of Dr. Tolan`s office.

Wednesday, May 29, 1991
It's David and Melanie's wedding day. A concerned Ruth asks Erica if she knows the mystery woman whom Charlie is seeing. Joe later catches Charlie and Erica kissing. Emily is afraid to make love because of her pregnancy.

Thursday, May 30, 1991
Donna hires Hayley to work at the Glamorama, but Trevor insists that his niece attend summer school. Barbara phones Tom to tell him that she gave birth to a son who can be a bone marrow donor for Molly. Livia`s son, Terrence, gets into trouble with Hayley and Brian, who steal a statue from their school.

Friday, May 31, 1991
Emily accuses Joey of wanting her to have a miscarriage. George lures Ceara to his hotel room.

Monday, June 3, 1991
Ceara remembers that George killed her dog and then sexually abused her when she was a child.

Tuesday, June 4, 1991
Janet guilts Natalie into letting her stay with her indefinitely. Tom thinks Jack wants to be more than friends with Brooke, and Jack realizes Tom is jealous of his friendship with Brooke. Ceara wants to press charges against George. She later confronts her mother, Claudia, about George molesting her.

Thursday, June 6, 1991
Natalie, Trevor and Janet go to the country club dance, and Hayley shows up with purple hair. Joey isn't happy to learn that Will has asked Katie to the dance. He later admits his love for Katie during the dance, and Will catches them kissing. Claudia agrees to testify against George, who knocks out Jeremy.

Friday, June 7, 1991
At the country club dance, Hayley, Brian and Terrence rock out on the dance floor. They later create a bubble bath in the fountain. Meanwhile, Trevor dances with Janet to make her feel better. Ruth apologizes to Charlie and Erica. Ceara pulls a gun on George.

Monday, June 10, 1991
Janet fantasizes about looking like Natalie. Ceara shoots and kills George.

Tuesday, June 11, 1991
Trevor feeds chicken soup to a sick Natalie. Ceara's sister Susan accuses her of murdering their father and ruining their family.

Thursday, June 13, 1991
Erica and Brooke have a confrontation in the park. Hayley angrily confronts Enid and Phoebe in the Glamorama. Jack kisses Brooke.

Friday, June 14, 1991
Jack confesses his feelings for Brooke. Hayley's family and friends throw her a surprise birthday party.Adam brings Arlene to Hayley's party after she receives a three-hour pass from prison.

Monday, June 17, 1991
Janet fantasizes about Trevor again. Hayley accepts Brian`s class ring. Dr. Clader tells Joey that Emily Ann might have an ectopic pregnancy.

Tuesday, June 18, 1991
Natalie tells Hayley that she can't go to a heavy metal band concert with Brian and Terrence.

Wednesday June 19, 1991
Charlie plans to win Erica's heart by taking her to New York City, where they visit the zoo. Tom doesn't think Brooke is in love with him, and they decide to call off their marriage plans. Joey is stunned to learn that Emily Ann`s latest sonogram reveals that she is not pregnant.

Thursday, June 20, 1991
Natalie, Janet and Adam realize that Hayley has snuck away to attend the heavy metal concert. Phoebe and Langley learn that Jack and Brooke are dating.

Friday, June 21, 1991
Adam goes to the heavy metal concert to find Hayley. Meanwhile, Hayley almost gets trampled at the concert. Janet gives Trevor a shoulder rub and then kisses him.

Monday, June 24, 1991
Trevor is upset when Janet kisses him, but he doesn't tell Natalie. Katie comforts Joey, who finally tells Emily Ann that she isn't going to have a baby.

Wednesday, June 26, 1991
Trevor tells Jeremy about Janet's kiss. Natalie walks in on Trevor and Janet during an intense exchange. Adam forces Erica to help him break up Brooke and Jack by blackmailing her with a detective's intimate photos of her and Charlie.

Thursday, June 27, 1991
After learning that Trevor likes short hair, Janet cuts hers. Emily Ann insists that she's pregnant.

Friday, June 28, 1991
Hayley takes Janet to the Glamorama to get her hair fixed. When Janet tries on a "Natalie" wig, Trevor hugs her, mistaking her for Natalie. Later, Janet tries on the wig and outfit and looks exactly like Natalie. Mimi saves Derek`s life while working on a stakeout.

Monday, July 1, 1991
Hayley catches Janet dressed like Natalie and thinks she's really Natalie. Erica agrees to be Adam`s date as part of his plan to make Brooke jealous. Jeremy visits Ceara, who is still hospitalized in the sanitarium and receiving therapy.

Wednesday, July 3, 1991
Hayley finds Janet's "Natalie" wig. Adam finds Janet's photos of Trevor and tells her to give up on pursuing him. Chuck objects when Donna agrees that Emily Ann can stay with them because she is tired of Joey telling her she is not pregnant.

Thursday, July 4, 1991
While she's out of town, Natalie convinces Trevor to set Janet up with Neal for the police picnic. Janet plans to seduce Trevor while Natalie is away.

Friday, July 5, 1991
Janet ditches Neil at the picnic to go home and pretend to be Natalie for a romantic evening with Trevor. She puts on a blond wig and drugs Trevor's champagne. Ruth and Mona try to get Erica and Jackson back together. Terrence and An Li get to know each other.

Monday, July 8, 1991
Natalie calls the house just as Janet is about to seduce Trevor. Hayley then arrives and realizes Janet is pretending to be Natalie. Trevor falls asleep before Janet can seduce him. The next morning when Natalie comes home, Trevor wants to pick up where they left off, but she informs him that she wasn't there last night. Charlie tells Opal that he plans to ask Erica to marry him.

Tuesday, July 9, 1991
Adam catches Janet burning her "Natalie" wig in the boathouse, and she confesses her scheme to seduce Trevor. Trevor tells Natalie that her divorce decree is official.

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