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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Soap Dish #31 (in which love turns to murder on Ryan's Hope)

Today we revisit Ryan's Hope and the murder of Michael Pavel (played by Michael Corbett), the hunky cad who had affairs with both Rae Woodard and her daughter Kimberly. Below you can watch 32 episodes of the show from May-July 1981 (click here for previous Ryan's Hope posts).

Dr. Seneca Beaulac - John Gabriel
Dr. Evelyn Blair - Pamela Burrell
Sal Brooks - Tony Schultz
Orson Burns - Nicolas Surovy
Delia Reid Ryan Coleridge - Randall Edwards
Dr. Faith Coleridge - Karen Morris-Gowdy
Jillian Coleridge - Nancy Addison
Dr. Roger Coleridge - Ron Hale
Jack Fenelli - Michael Levin
Ryan Fenelli - Jenny Rebecca Dweir
Kimberly Harris - Kelli Maroney
Detective Oliver Jones - Louis Zorich
Wes Leonard - David Rasche
Kevin MacGuinness - Malachy McCourt
Rose Pearse Melina - Rose Alaio
Joe Novak - Roscoe Born
Siobhan Ryan Novak - Ann Gillespie
Lori Nuzzo - Ann De Salvo
Michael Pavel, Jr. - Michael Corbett
Matt Pearse - Tom Aldredge
Cynthia Ramsey - Lynnda Ferguson
Bob Reid - Earl Hindman
Barry Ryan - Richard Backus
Frank Ryan - Daniel Hugh-Kelly
Johnny Ryan - Bernard Barrow
Little John Ryan - Jadrien Steele
Maeve Ryan - Helen Gallagher
Dr. Morgan Thomas - John Getz
Alexei Vartova - Dominic Chianese
Rae Woodard - Louise Shaffer

Below is a 1981 promo for Ryan's Hope featuring Kimberly (Kelli Maroney), Rae (Louise Shaffer) and Michael (Michael Corbett).

Episodes 1529 and 1530: Thursday, May 21, and Friday, May 22, 1981
Rae begins to suspect that Kim and Michael are having an affair. She then invites Kim to join her and Michael at Delia's Crystal Palace reopening party. Frank agrees to be Delia's escort to the party. Roger shows up at the reopening with two dates.

Episodes 1531 and 1532: Monday, May 25, and Tuesday, May 26, 1981
Siobhan asks Wes for help in her investigation of Jack’s setup. Bob tells Faith to stop playing the victim in the wake of her breakup with Frank. Rae tries to convince Seneca not to divorce Kim.

Episodes 1533 and 1534: Wednesday, May 27, and Thursday, May 28, 1981
Roger has an unsuccessful intervention with Faith and Jill. Wes tells Siobhan that Michael leaked the bribe story about Jack. Rae is devastated to see Michael's note to Kim.

Episodes 1535 and 1536: Friday, May 29, and Monday, June 1, 1981
Rae tells Seneca that Michael is going to pay for his betrayal. Later, she confronts Kim and Michael on the houseboat and pulls out a gun. Rae reveals to Kim that Michael was her lover, too. Joe orders Sal to keep Michael quiet.

Episodes 1537 and 1538: Tuesday, June 2, and Wednesday, June 3, 1981
After Roger tells him about Kim and Michael's affair, Seneca plans to file for a divorce immediately. A shirtless Joe brushes Siobhan's hair. When Michael attacks Rae with a fire extinguisher, Kim shoots him. She and Rae then believe that he is dead. But after they leave the houseboat, Sal finds Michael still alive. Jack later finds Michael dead.

Episode 1539: Thursday, June 4, 1981
Jack is questioned by the police. Rae admits to Frank that she shot and killed Michael.

Episode 1540: Friday, June 5, 1981
Wes informs Joe and Siobhan that Jack is the prime suspect in Michael's murder.

Episode 1542: Tuesday, June 9, 1981
Sal swears to Joe that he didn’t kill Michael. Rae is taken in for questioning after the police find her gun at the crime scene.

Episode 1543: Wednesday, June 10, 1981
Siobhan catches Delia and Joe dancing to Kool & the Gang's "Celebration". Later, Joe and Siobhan share a passionate kiss.

Episode 1544: Thursday, June 11, 1981
Seneca tells Kim to get out of his life.

Episode 1545: Friday, June 12, 1981
Kim turns to Barry for comfort after Seneca throws her out. Detective Jones questions Rae about Michael's murder.

Episode 1546: Monday, June 15, 1981
Rae is charged with first degree murder. Frank suspects that Rae is protecting Kim.

Episode 1547: Tuesday, June 16, 1981
Jill is suspicious after witnessing Kim's nightmare about Michael's murder.

Episode 1548: Wednesday, June 17, 1981
Jack tells Siobhan to stay out of his investigation of Michael’s misdeeds. When Roger figures out that Kim shot Michael, Rae swears him to secrecy.

Episode 1549: Thursday, June 18, 1981
Joe is upset about Siobhan’s defense of Jack to the police. Frank confronts Rae about the truth.

Episode 1550: Friday, June 19, 1981
Kim is upset when Seneca insists that they divorce. She falls and hits her head during a struggle with Seneca. Barry becomes indebted to Joe for $40,000 after a poker game.

Episode 1551: Monday, June 22, 1981
Rae blames herself for Kim's condition.

Episodes 1552 and 1553: Tuesday, June 23, and Wednesday, June 24, 1981
Bob chastises Faith for playing flirtatious games with men. Joe orders Sal to locate Rose’s missing daughter, Amelia, in a campaign to hurt Jack. Dee dislikes Cynthia Ramsey, Joe’s buxom bartender, who mixes well with Roger.

Episode 1554: Thursday, June 25, 1981
Rose receives a phone call from Sal, who tells her where she can find her daughter.

Episode 1555: Friday, June 26, 1981
Kim becomes hysterical when Rae says she's going to tell the truth about Michael. Rae's confession to Frank is interrupted by Dr. Blair, who informs Seneca that Kim is pregnant.

Episode 1556: Monday, June 29, 1981
Sal tells Rose to leave town if she values Amelia’s life.

Episode 1557: Tuesday, June 30, 1981
Frank and Jill get close while reenacting Michael's murder on the houseboat. After learning that she's pregnant, Kim is certain that it's Seneca's child.

Episode 1558: Wednesday, July 1, 1981
Alexei, Joe’s mob boss and Amelia’s secret adoptive grandfather, orders Orson to eliminate Sal and frame Jack. Delia doesn't approve of Cynthia's taste in outfits, but Bob, Joe and Barry do.

Episode 1559: Thursday, July 2, 1981 (begins at 29:28)
Maeve gives Rae her wise advice on how to raise a child. While working on the docks, Jack unwittingly drops some boxes on a dead Sal.

Episode 1560: Friday, July 3, 1981
Jack insists to the police that he's being framed for Sal's murder. Rose says goodbye to Jack and her father before leaving town. Alexei informs Joe that Sal fired the shot that killed Michael.

Episode 1561: Monday, July 6, 1981
Rae is cleared of Michael's murder. She later tells Kim that her gunshot just wounded Michael.

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