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Friday, June 29, 2018

Soap Dish #32 (in which you are invited to Mary and Jack's wedding on Ryan's Hope)

Today we revisit the wedding of Mary Ryan and Jack Fenelli on ABC's Ryan's Hope. Below you can watch 19 episodes of the show from June-July 1976 (click here for previous Ryan's Hope posts).

Dr. Seneca Beaulac - John Gabriel
Dr. Bucky Carter - Justin Deas
Jillian Coleridge - Nancy Addison
Dr. Roger Coleridge - Ron Hale
Jack Fenelli - Michael Levin
Sister Mary Joel - Natalie Priest
Mrs. Lem - Mary Mon Toy
Jumbo Marino - Fat Thomas
Father McShane - John Perkins
Dr. Clem Moultrie - Hannibal Penney, Jr.
Bob Reid - Earl Hindman
Georgia Rothschild - Gloria Cromwell
Delia Reid Ryan - Ilene Kristen
Frank Ryan - Michael Hawkins
Little John Ryan - Jadrien Steele
Johnny Ryan - Bernard Barrow
Maeve Ryan - Helen Gallagher
Mary Ryan - Kate Mulgrew
Dr. Pat Ryan - Malcolm Groome
Art Thompson - Gregory Abels
Kathleen Ryan Thompson - Nancy Reardon

Episode 246: Wednesday, June 16, 1976
Mary and Georgia set out to find the perfect wedding dress. Roger tells Delia that he cannot live without her.

Episode 247: Thursday, June 17, 1976
Jumbo fears that Jack will not follow through with the wedding. Frank is confused when he finds out that Delia has not been taking cooking lessons.

Episode 248: Friday, June 18, 1976
The jury reaches a verdict in Seneca's trial.

Episode 249: Monday, June 21, 1976
Delia makes phony dinner arrangements to convince the Ryans that Sheila really exists. Seneca is found guilty of assault in the second degree.

Episode 250: Tuesday, June 22, 1976
Mary's sister Kathleen arrives for the wedding. Seneca tells Jill that he does not want to appeal his verdict. The Ryans learn that Siobhan has the measles and won't be able to attend the wedding.

Episode 251: Wednesday, June 23, 1976
Roger is jealous when he sees Pat and Delia hugging. Jill shares her feelings about Seneca with Maeve.

Episode 252: Thursday, June 24, 1976
Mary's brother-in-law Art tries his best to reassure Jack.

Episode 253: Friday, July 25, 1976
Art calls Johnny and tells him that Jack has disappeared.

Episode 254: Monday, June 28, 1976
Johnny can't tell Mary that Jack is missing on their wedding day. Mary is concerned when Jumbo shows up at the church without Jack.

Episode 255: Tuesday, June 29, 1976
Mary learns that Jack is missing. A drunken Jack is found and is taken home to shower and change for the wedding. The judge sentences Seneca to seven days in jail and two years probation.

Episode 256: Wednesday, June 30, 1976
Bob fantasizes about marrying Mary. Just as she is about to walk down the aisle, Mary tells Johnny that she's not sure that she can go through with the wedding.

Episode 257: Thursday, July 1, 1976
Mary and Jack exchange wedding vows (the wedding was filmed on location at Manhattan's St. Benedict the Moor Church).

Episode 258: Friday, July 2, 1976
Jack dances his first Irish reel at the reception. Jill is furious when she discovers that Roger has given her mother's necklace to Delia. Jill later demands that Delia return the necklace. Jill catches Mary's bouquet. Mary and Jack leave on their honeymoon.

Episode 259: Monday, July 5, 1976
Delia uses lovemaking as a way to distract Frank from their conversation about the necklace.

Episode 260: Tuesday, July 6, 1976
Jill accuses Roger of using her and the necklace to make Frank suspicious.

Episode 261: Wednesday, July 7, 1976
Delia returns the necklace to Jill as a token of gratitude for her not telling Frank the truth. Jill warns Delia not to trust Roger.

Episode 262: Thursday, July 8, 1976
During an emotional confrontation, Frank tries to force Delia to admit that Sheila doesn't exist. She finally confesses that she made Sheila up.

Episode 263: Friday, July 9, 1976
Delia admits to Frank and his family that she turned to God when Frank wouldn't touch her last winter. Jill and Seneca share an intimate moment when she visits him in jail.

Episode 264: Monday, July 12, 1976
Jack and Mary discuss their future while enjoying their honeymoon on a Mississippi riverboat.

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