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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Soap Dish #34 (in which Natalie isn't feeling "well" on All My Children)

Today we continue to revisit All My Children and its story of two sisters - Natalie Chandler and Janet Green (aka Janet from Another Planet). Below you can watch 26 episodes of the show from July-August 1991 (click here for previous AMC posts).

Detective Neil Berniker - Michael Guido
Brian Bodine - Matt Borlenghi
Charlie Brent - Charles Van Eman
Adam Chandler - David Canary
Natalie Chandler - Kate Collins
Stuart Chandler - David Canary
An Li Chen - Irene Ng
Lin Mei Chen - Kitty Chen
Ceara Connor - Genie Francis
Opal Cortlandt - Jill Larson
Palmer Cortlandt - James Mitchell
Will Cortlandt - Patrick Stuart
Tom Cudahy - Richard Shoberg
Nick Davis - Larry Keith
Trevor Dillon - James Kiberd
Brooke English - Julia Barr
Ethel - Babs Hoovman
Derek Frye - William Christian
Livia Frye - Tonya Pinkins
Terrence Frye - Akili Prince
Janet Green - Kate Collins
Myrtle Fargate - Eileen Herlie
Jeremy Hunter - Jean LeClerc
Timmy Hunter - Tommy J. Michaels
Katie Kennicott - Greta Lind
Craig Lawson - Scott Thompson Baker
Dixie Martin - Cady McClain
Emily Ann Martin - Liz Vassey
Dr. Joe Martin - Ray MacDonnell
Joey Martin - Michael Brainard
Ruth Martin - Mary Fickett
Bianca Montgomery - Caroline Wilde
Erica Kane Montgomery - Susan Lucci
Jackson Montgomery - Walt Willey
Mimi Reed - Shari Headley
Jasper Sloane - Ronald Drake
Myra Murdock Sloane - Elizabeth Lawrence
Dr. Anna Tolan - Courtney Sherman
Dr. Chuck Tyler - Richard Van Vleet
Donna Tyler - Candice Earley
Mona Tyler - Frances Heflin
Arlene Vaughan - Phyllis Lyons
Hayley Vaughan - Kelly Ripa
Langley Wallingford - Louis Edmonds
Phoebe Tyler Wallingford - Ruth Warrick
Winifred - Cheryl Hulteen

Wednesday, July 10, 1991
Charlie asks Erica to go away with him after she learns that her child custody appeal has been delayed. Erica later has an unexpected reunion with Bianca. Adam tells Hayley and Brian that he has fallen in love with Arlene.

Thursday, July 11, 1991
Charlie, Erica and Bianca enjoy a trip to Nantucket. Jack and Tom have a talk before Jamie's christening. Brooke warns Adam to stop blackmailing Erica. Dixie tells Palmer she's not ready to date yet. She later witnesses a shooting at a convenience store.

Friday, July 12, 1991
Janet is unhappy when Natalie and Trevor set an August wedding date. Janet fantasizes about Trevor while kissing Neil on a date. Joey refuses to commit Emily Ann, who later announces that she's leaving Pine Valley. Charlie asks Erica to marry him.

Monday, July 15, 1991
Erica needs some time to think about Charlie's marriage proposal. Donna convinces Emily Ann not to leave town. The convenience store killer attempts to shoot Dixie at the Glamorama.

Thursday, July 18, 1991
To thank him for saving Dixie's life, Opal invites Tad's old friend, Craig Lawson, to stay with her and Palmer. Emily Ann steals heart pills from the hospital. Janet fantasizes about marrying Trevor. Neil thinks that Janet is hot for Trevor.

Friday, July 19, 1991
Janet wants Adam to help her stop Natalie and Trevor's wedding. Hayley tells Natalie and Trevor that Adam wants to marry Arlene. Natalie orders Janet to stay away from Adam. Emily Ann accuses Katie of being a two-faced lying slut who's trying to take her husband.

Monday, July 22, 1991
Janet tricks Stuart into telling her that Adam is Hayley's father. When Joey realizes that Emily Ann stole the heart pills, he rushes to the apartment to confront her. He then finds Katie, who passed out after Emily Ann poisoned her.

Tuesday, July 23, 1991
Having had a mental breakdown, Emily Ann is taken to the mental ward. Brooke fears she will lose Jack as a friend if she sleeps with him.

Wednesday, July 24, 1991
Janet tells Natalie and Trevor that she can't go to the bridal shower or be in their wedding. Natalie later finds Janet's pictures of Trevor. Will isn't happy when Palmer gives Craig a job.

Thursday, July 25, 1991
Janet lies to Natalie that she's making a collage for her and Trevor as a wedding present. At Trevor's bachelor party, Natalie, Livia and Mimi bust the guys for having a stripper. Erica tells Opal that she can't marry Charlie because she doesn't love him.

Friday, July 26, 1991
Janet crawls into bed with Trevor, who thinks she's Natalie. Opal is surprised when Erica agrees to marry Charlie.

Monday, July 29, 1991
Janet begs Trevor to make love to her, but he rejects "Janet from Another Planet". Phoebe accuses Erica of seducing Charlie and disapproves of their engagement. Mona thinks Erica is marrying Charlie to get back at Jack, who makes love to Brooke for the first time.

Tuesday, July 30, 1991
Both Natalie and Adam give Janet money when she tells them that she plans to leave town after Natalie and Trevor's wedding. Joey says goodbye to Katie, who returns to Vermont. Erica is stunned to see Nick Davis, her former lover and Charlie's grandfather, just as the Martins are toasting her as the newest member of their family.

Wednesday, July 31, 1991
Nick is surprised to learn that Charlie is marrying Erica. Janet enters Natalie's room with a pair of scissors while Natalie is sleeping.

Thursday, August 1, 1991
Derek reveals his fear of flying to Mimi. Janet cuts a lock of Natalie's hair while she is sleeping. She later gets contact lenses.

Friday, August 2, 1991
After Natalie and Trevor's rehearsal dinner, Janet lures Natalie to the river and unveils her surprise - she looks exactly like Natalie!

Monday, August 5, 1991
Janet admits to a shocked Natalie that she plans to take over her life. She then hits Natalie on the head with a rock, knocking her out. Nick thinks Erica and Charlie's marriage will be a disaster. Arlene begs Adam to drop their phony engagement story.

Tuesday, August 6, 1991
Natalie tells Trevor, Arlene and Hayley that Janet tried to kill her to take over her life. She also refuses to postpone the wedding.

Wednesday, August 7, 1991
Trevor puts out an APB on Janet. Erica tells Charlie that she can't marry him. Derek and Mimi share a kiss while on duty. Jeremy has the chicken pox.

Thursday, August 8, 1991
Natalie faints when she hears that Janet may be dead. Trevor and Natalie later receive a letter from Janet, confirming that she's left town for good. Will is upset when Craig agrees to escort Dixie to Natalie and Trevor's wedding. Derek and Mimi are told they can be fired if the police chief finds out that they are dating.

Friday, August 9, 1991
Hayley learns that Adam and Arlene have ended their engagement. On her wedding day, Natalie sees Janet in the mirror wearing her wedding dress, and Janet congratulates her. Meanwhile, the real Natalie regains consciousness at the bottom of an old well.

Monday, August 12, 1991
A storm hits just as Janet (masquerading as Natalie) and Trevor are about to say their wedding vows. The lights go out, but Janet finally marries Trevor.

Tuesday, August 13, 1991
Will hires a private eye to dig up dirt on Craig. Natalie falls and sprains her ankle while trying to climb out of the well. Hayley is upset to learn that Arlene is being transferred to a prison far away. Dixie is upset when she catches the wedding bouquet. Janet and Trevor leave on their honeymoon, but she later learns that she's caught the chicken pox from Jeremy. Opal plays the saxophone.

Wednesday, August 14, 1991
Trevor has a nightmare about Natalie calling out for him. He later overhears Janet calling Natalie's name in her sleep. Brian and Hayley learn that An Li's mother has arranged for her to marry into an influential Asian family.

Thursday, August 15, 1991
Trevor wonders why "Natalie" was talking about herself in her sleep. Dixie isn't happy to see Craig having lunch with Brooke. Craig later kisses Dixie after telling her she needs to get on with her life. Adam and Trevor argue about Hayley's welfare.

Friday, August 16, 1991
When a dog comes to the well, Natalie wraps a scarf around the charm bracelet that Trevor gave her and tosses it up to him. Adam admits to Ceara that he's Hayley's father. Will learns from his private eye that Tad's other friends have never heard of Craig. He later accuses Craig of not even being Tad's friend. Trevor catches Janet sneaking out of the house with several bottles of water for Natalie.

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