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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Soap Dish #35 (in which we revisit Port Charles' Deep Freeze of '81)

Today we revisit TV's hottest show in August-September 1981 when Luke and Laura tried to stop Mikkos Cassadine's plan to freeze the world. Below you can watch 21 episodes of General Hospital (click here for previous GH posts).

Albert - William Beckley
Ruby Anderson - Norma Connolly
Dr. Gail Adamson Baldwin - Susan Brown
Laura Baldwin - Genie Francis
Lee Baldwin - Peter Hansen
Ted Ballantine - William Wintersole
Zelda Bernstein - Sarah Simmons
Jessie Brewer - Emily McLaughlin
Mikkos Cassadine - John Colicos
Tony Cassadine - Andre Landzaat
Victor Cassadine - Thaao Penghlis
Corinne - Melanie Vintz
Larry Corrigan - Frank Ashmore
Dr. Noah Drake - Rick Springfield
Alice Grant - Lieux Dressler
Audrey Hardy - Rachel Ames
Dr. Steve Hardy - John Beradino
Tiffany Hill - Sharon Wyatt
Hutch - Rick Moses
Claudia Johnston - Bianca Ferguson
Slick Jones - Eddie Ryder
General Konrad Kaluga - Rod Loomis
Joe Kelly - Douglas Sheehan
Rose Kelly - Loanne Bishop
Anne Logan - Susan Pratt
Jeremy Hewitt Logan - Philip Tanzini
Susan Moore - Gail Rae Carlson
Nigel Penny-Smith - Bernard Fox
Mike Phelan- David Mendenhall
Bryan Phillips - Todd Davis
Georgia Price - Lisa Figus
Dr. Alan Quartermaine - Stuart Damon
Alan Quartermaine Jr. - Andre Gulmesoff
Alexandria Quartermaine - Renee Anderson
Edward Quartermaine - David Lewis
Dr. Monica Quartermaine - Leslie Charleson
Capt. Burt Ramsey - Bob Hastings
DA Jim Richardson - Jay Gerber
Toby Roberts - Gary Carpenter
Dan Rooney - Frank Maxwell
Robert Scorpio - Tristan Rogers
Bobbie Spencer - Jacklyn Zeman
Luke Spencer - Anthony Geary
Dr. Zack Stewart - Steve Doubet
Kathy Summers - Lisa Lindgren
Maximillian Van Stadt - Jon Cypher
Noel Van Stadt - Rosina W. Reynolds
Amy Vining - Shell Kepler
Heather Webber - Robin Mattson
Dr. Lesley Webber - Denise Alexander
Dr. Rick Webber - Chris Robinson
Agnes Whitaker - Beth Peters

Monday, August 24, 1981
Port Charles starts to cool off rapidly when Mikkos begins the freezing process on the city. A delirious Laura is burning up with a fever.

Tuesday, August 25, 1981
Bobbie returns to General Hospital. Gail and Monica hit the disco. The temperature is dropping in Port Charles. Heather admits to Joe that she plotted to kill Diana Taylor but she can't remember shooting her.

Wednesday, August 26, 1981
A monkey steals Laura's wig and Robert's gun. Laura's condition worsens.

Thursday, August 27, 1981
Rick and Lesley discuss a future together and share a kiss. Joe leaves town to look for Scotty.

Friday, August 28, 1981
Ramsey arrests Heather at the airport. Mikkos gives Tiffany medicine, which she gives to Laura. Tiffany tells Luke, Laura and Robert that Port Charles is being frozen. Just as Heather is about to be booked for first-degree murder, a ballistics report proves that her gun was not the one used to kill Diana Taylor.

Monday, August 31, 1981
Ramsey plans to prove that Heather killed Diana. Mikkos eavesdrops on Max and Noel, who are planning to turn against him.

Tuesday, September 1, 1981
Heather accuses Anne of killing Diana. Alice calls Heather evil.

Wednesday, September 2, 1981
Mikkos gives Max and Noel a tour of the operation plant.

Thursday, September 3, 1981
It's snowing in Port Charles. Heather receives a letter from Jeff, who is filing for a divorce and wants sole custody of their son.

Friday, September 4, 1981
Tiffany and Robert kiss. Hutch gets wrapped in bandages before he's transferred back to prison.

Monday, September 7, 1981
Hutch is missing after the ambulance is forced off the road. Bobbie thinks that Rose is falling for Hutch. Tiffany sneaks Robert into the control room.

Tuesday, September 8, 1981
Alan and Monica worry about an ill Alan Jr. Rose removes a bullet from a wounded Hutch.

Wednesday, September 9, 1981
Ballantine tells Rick, Dan and Steve that Mikkos is freezing Port Charles. After seeing the freezing results in Port Charles on a monitor, Alex tells Tony that he must stop Mikkos. Mikkos sheds some tears after he learns that Alex and Tony got into the plant and entered a restricted room. Rose is nursing Hutch in Kelly's basement.

Thursday, September 10, 1981
Robert sets up the explosives in the control room, but Mikkos then puts a gun to his head.

Friday, September 11, 1981
Kathy decides to leave Port Charles for warmer temperatures. Mikkos reveals that Tony and Alex flew back to New York City.

Monday, September 14, 1981
Mikkos tells Victor the truth about Tony and Alex. Alice visits Susan in a NYC hospital after she gives birth. Alan learns that Susan has given birth to a baby boy. Luke and Laura find a massive underground plant.

Tuesday, September 15, 1981
Luke and Laura are horrified to find the frozen bodies of Max, Noel, Tony and Alex. Guards then capture the couple and bring them to Mikkos.

Thursday, September 17, 1981
Mikkos tells Luke, Laura and Robert about his plan to create a perfect world. Mikkos later runs into the control room, and Luke follows him. Alan and Monica worry about Alan Jr., who undergoes surgery. Hutch and Rose share a kiss.

Friday, September 18, 1981
During a struggle with Luke, Mikkos is frozen to death after falling into his own ice chamber. Edward comforts a distraught Alan, who fears that Alan Jr. might die.

Monday, September 21, 1981
Luke saves the world after he cracks the code (it's ICE PRINCESS) to unlock the freezing system.

Tuesday, September 22, 1981
Steve announces that the weather is improving. Alan tells a surprised Corrigan that he's closing the disco permanently. Corrigan then informs Monica that Susan has given birth to Alan's baby. Monica angrily chews out Amy for giving Alan her private message. Robert, Tiffany, Luke and Laura celebrate.

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