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Monday, October 29, 2018

Soap Dish #37 (in which Llanview celebrates Halloween and a big gay wedding)

Today we celebrate Halloween with five episodes of ABC's One Life to Live from October-November 2009 featuring "Kish" (Kyle Lewis and Oliver Fish) and a big gay wedding in Llanview (click here for previous Soap Dish posts).

Corrine Balsom - Ann Hamilton
Rex Balsom - John-Paul Lavoisier
Roxy Balsom - Ilene Kristen
Charlie Banks - Brian Kerwin
Viki Lord Banks - Erika Slezak
Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe - Peter Bartlett
Amelia Bennett - Tia Hodge
Bo Buchanan - Robert S. Woods
Clint Buchanan - Jerry verDorn
Jessica Buchanan - Bree Williamson
Kevin Buchanan - Dan Gauthier
Matthew Buchanan - Edward Alderson
Natalie Buchanan - Melissa Archer
Nora Hanen Buchanan - Hillary B. Smith
Mrs. Eunice Burns - Jackie Hoffman
Reverend Andrew Carpenter - Wortham Krimmer
Nick Chavez - Nicholas Rodriguez
Elijah Clarke - Matthew R. Walton
Blair Cramer - Kassie Wesley DePaiva
Téa Delgado - Florencia Lozano
Destiny Evans - Shenell Edmonds
Greg Evans - Terrell Tilford
Richard Evans - Frankie Faison
Shaun Evans - Sean Ringgold
Oliver Fish - Scott Evans
Rachel Gannon - Daphnée Duplaix
Headmistress - Kathleen Chalfant
Schuyler Joplin - Scott Clifton
Kyle Lewis - Brett Claywell
Dorian Lord - Robin Strasser
Brody Lovett - Mark Lawson
Nadine Lovett - Kate Miller
Jack Manning - Carmen LoPorto
Starr Manning - Kristen Alderson
Todd Manning - Trevor St. John
John McBain - Michael Easton
Gigi Morasco - Farah Fath
Shane Morasco - Austin Williams
Danielle Rayburn - Kelley Missal
Ross Rayburn - Michael Lowry
Aurelia Rivera - Ada Maris
Ernesto Rivera - David Piñon
Markko Rivera - Jason Tam
Marty Saybrooke - Susan Haskell
Neville Smythe -  Peter Bartlett
Noelle Ortiz Stubbs - January LaVoy
Cole Thornhart - Brandon Buddy
Tom - Daniel Manche
Cristian Vega - David Fumero
David Vickers - Tuc Watkins
Langston Wilde - Brittany Underwood
Layla Williamson - Tika Sumpter
Vivian Wright - Kearran Giovanni

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Viki urges a towel-clad David to confess his true feelings for Dorian. Dorian promises Viki that she will soon be the first gay, partnered mayor of Llanview. Roxy refuses to attend the mass gay marriage ceremony because Kyle is marrying the wrong man.

Thursday, October 29, 2009
The Mannings - dressed as the Fantastic Four - and Gigi, Schuyler and Shane - dressed as Catwoman, Batman and Robin - compete to win the grand prize for best Halloween costume. After a hostile visit with Matthew, Bo and Nora break their wine glasses against the wall and share a passionate kiss. Amelia wants Dorian to legalize all of the gay marriages once she is elected. Dorian asks David to give her away at the wedding, but he chooses to go with Destiny to London to help Matthew.

Friday, October 30, 2009
Nora is stunned when Bo declares his love for her. Téa is upset to learn that Ross is headed to London to find their daughter Danielle. Dorian announces to the crowd that her first official act as mayor will be to issue a wedding license to every gay couple in attendance. A shocked Kyle realizes that his marriage to Nick will be legal. Schuyler gives Gigi a passionate kiss after he is accepted to medical school. Oliver comes out as a proud gay man on national television.

Monday, November 2, 2009
Langston leaves David a voicemail, informing him that Dorian is still in love with him. Nora admits that she still loves Bo, and David catches them sharing a kiss. Téa informs Elijah that a paternity test confirmed that Todd is actually Danielle's father. Kyle realizes that he can't marry Nick and declares his love for Oliver. Dorian kisses her bride, while Roxy kisses angry protester Mrs. Burns.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009
A picture of Dorian kissing Amelia is on the front page of the newspaper. Langston threatens to break up with Markko if he doesn't vote for Dorian. Oliver accepts Kyle's invitation to dinner. Kyle apologizes for hurting Nick.

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