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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Soap Dish #39 (in which we spend four Christmases in Another World)

Today we celebrate the holiday season by revisiting four Christmases from Another World's past - 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1987 - featuring Douglass Watson and Victoria Wyndham as Mac and Rachel Cory. Click here for my previous Another World post).

Brian Bancroft - Paul Stevens
Mitch Blake - William Gray Espy
Tony Carlisle - John H. Brennan
Chris Chapin - Don Scardino
Bridget Connell - Barbara Berjer
Adam Cory - Ed Fry
Alex Cory - Adam Kishpaugh
Amanda Cory - Dana Klaboe (1981-86), Sandra Ferguson (1987-93, 1998-99)
Blaine Cory - Judy Dewey
Mackenzie Cory - Douglass Watson
Matthew Cory - Alexander Parker (1982-86), Daniel Dale (1986-87)
Rachel Cory - Victoria Wyndham
Sandy Cory - Christopher Rich
Julie Ann Edwards - Tara Wilson
Zack Edwards - James Pickens Jr.
Dee Evans - Katie Rich
Catlin Ewing - Thomas Ian Griffith
Clarice Ewing - Gail Brown
Cory Ewing - C.R. Grey
Larry Ewing - Richard J. Porter
Sally Frame Ewing - Mary Page Keller (1983-85), Taylor Miller (1985-86)
Sam Fowler - Robert Kelker-Kelly
Alice Frame - Jacqueline Courtney
Jamie Frame - Stephen Yates (1983-85), Laurence Lau (1986-90)
Jason Frame - Chris Robinson
Felicia Gallant - Linda Dano
Lisa Grady - Joanna Going
Quinn Harding - Petronia Paley
Ada Hobson - Constance Ford
Clara Hudson - Kate Wilkinson
Donna Love Hudson - Anna Stuart (1983-86), Philece Sampler (1987-89)
John Hudson - David Forsyth
Michael Hudson - Kale Browne
Patricia Kirkland - Janine Turner
Scott LaSalle - Hank Cheyne
Mrs. Lawrence - Bette Henritze
Zane Lindquist - Patrick Tovatt
Rose Livingston - Ann Flood
Marley Love - Ellen Wheeler
Nicole Love - Lauri Landry (1986-87), Anne Howard (1987-89)
Peter Love - Christopher Holder (1985), Marcus Smythe (1985-87)
Reginald Love - John Considine
Victoria Love - Ellen Wheeler (1985-86), Rhonda Lewin (1986-87), Anne Heche (1987-91)
Lily Mason - Jackée Harry
Liz Matthews - Irene Dailey
Nancy McGowan - Jane Cameron
Ben McKinnon - Richard Steen
Cheryl McKinnon - Kristen Marie
Jake McKinnon - Tom Eplin
Kathleen McKinnon - Julie Osburn
Mary McKinnon - Denise Alexander
M.J. McKinnon - Kathleen Layman (1984-86), Sally Spencer (1986-87)
Vince McKinnon - Jack Ryland (1984-85), Robert Hogan (1987-89, 1991)
Sara Montaigne - Missy Hughes
Brittany Peterson - Sharon Gabet
Kevin Thatcher - Trevor Richard
Carter Todd - Russell Curry
Grant Todd - John Dewey-Carter
Thomasina Harding Todd - Pamela G. Kay
Wallingford - Brent Collins
Maisie Watkins - Patricia Hodges
Cass Winthrop - Stephen Schnetzer

Monday, December 24, 1984
Everyone helps Catlin clean up the mountain cabin. Alice accepts Rachel's invitation to spend Christmas Eve with her family. Everyone sing carols at the Cory mansion on Christmas Eve, and Mac gives his annual holiday toast.

Tuesday, December 25, 1984
Ben brings Donna to the McKinnons for Christmas dinner. Felicia and Wallingford spend Christmas Day with Cass until Kathleen drops by for a kiss. Catlin gives Sally the mountain cabin as a Christmas gift. Mac wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 24, 1985
Mac reads The Night Before Christmas to the children. Donna is upset when she receives a call from Ellie Garrison. Jake gives Marley an engagement ring.

Wednesday, December 24, 1986
Reginald is happy to see Mary when she shows up at Vicky's Christmas Eve party at Felicia's North Woods Inn.

Thursday, December 25, 1986
Mary receives the deed to Mary's Place as an anonymous Christmas gift. Felicia discovers Mitch's expensive gift for Rachel. Matthew and Mitch exchange gifts. M.J. and Cheryl receive a gift from their father. Mac makes his annual holiday toast.

Friday, December 26, 1986
Mac is upset to discover Mitch's gift to Rachel. Reginald shows Vicky his new restaurant, which she names TOPS. Rachel returns Mitch's gift and sees Mac dancing with Rose. Electrical problems cause a fire at the North Woods Inn.

Monday, December 29, 1986
Mitch saves Mac's life by dragging him out of the fire at the North Woods Inn. Mac later apologizes to Mitch. Nancy is smitten with Tony Carlisle, whom she met on Christmas Eve. The jury finds Brittany guilty of attempting to murder Peter.

Thursday, December 24, 1987
Michael, Vicky, John and Clara share Christmas Eve at the Hudson farm. Michael later goes to see Donna, and he ends up stuck at the cabin with her. Mac gives his annual holiday toast. Mitch stops by the Cory mansion on Christmas Eve to give Matthew a gift.

Friday, December 25, 1987
Sam and Amanda exchange gifts. Cass and Nicole watch the movie, Holiday Inn, together. Michael kisses Donna under the mistletoe. Jamie gives Vicky a friendly Christmas kiss. Mary bumps into a man, who remembers her from the past. Mac wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

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