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Monday, March 18, 2019

101 Groovy TV Movies #101: The Daughters of Joshua Cabe

Back in November my Facebook friend David Cole challenged me to post iconic images from ten TV movies that influenced me. But I was already planning a larger version of this, and now I'm finally ready to share my list of 101 Groovy TV Movies Worth Watching. The films are a mixed bag of guilty pleasures and Emmy Award winners/nominees, but hopefully I've selected some of your own favorites.

My first groovy TV movie is The Daughters of Joshua Cabe, which originally aired as ABC's Wednesday Movie of the Week on September 13, 1972. It was executive producer Aaron Spelling's first pilot for an unsold series, which was followed by two ABC sequels with different casts - The Daughters of Joshua Cabe Return (1975) and The New Daughters of Joshua Cabe (1976).

Directed by Philip Leacock, the movie stars Buddy Ebsen as fur trapper Joshua Cabe, who schemes to keep his land due to a new homesteading law by hiring a prostitute (Lesley "Ann" Warren), a paroled con artist (Karen Valentine) and a pickpocket (Sandra Dee) to pose as his daughters.

1 comment:

joel65913 said...

Oh I LOVED The Daughters of Joshua Cabe!!! Honestly its nothing extraordinary story wise but the casting of those three women is sheer heaven and they all had a terrific interplay to their chemistry.

I've seen the sequels which were fine but nowhere near as enjoyable as this original.