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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Remembering Jan-Michael Vincent 1945 - 2019

Actor Jan-Michael Vincent, who died February 10 at age 73, received two Golden Globe Award nominations for his supporting roles in the 1971 film, Going Home, and the 1983 ABC miniseries, The Winds of War. Other film credits include The Bandits (1967), The Undefeated (1969), The Mechanic (1972), The World's Greatest Athlete (1973), Buster and Billie (1974), Bite the Bullet (1975), White Line Fever (1975), Baby Blue Marine (1976), Vigilante Force (1976), Big Wednesday (1978), Hooper (1978), Hard Country (1981), Born in East L.A. (1987), Raw Nerve (1991) and Ice Cream Man (1995).

His other television credits include Danger Island (a 1968-69 segment of NBC's The Banana Splits Adventure Hour), the 1969-70 ABC series, Harold Robbins' The Survivors (as Lana Turner's son), and the 1984-86 CBS series, Airwolf.

Below I've selected some videos to celebrate Jan-Michael Vincent's life and career.

NBC's Dragnet 1968 on September 14, 1967

CBS's Lassie on March 10, 1968

Danger Island (1968-69) on NBC's The Banana Splits Adventure Hour

NBC's Bonanza on April 6, 1969

Going Home (1971) with Robert Mitchum and Brenda Vaccaro

ABC's Marcus Welby, M.D. on February 6, 1973

The World's Greatest Athlete (1973) with John Amos and Tim Conway

Buster and Billie (1974), which featured Vincent's full-frontal nudity

White Line Fever (1975) with Kay Lenz

Vigilante Force (1976) with Kris Kristofferson, Victoria Principal and Bernadette Peters

Big Wednesday (1978) with William Katt and Gary Busey

Hard Country (1981) with Kim Basinger

ABC's The Winds of War (1983) with Robert Mitchum and Ali MacGraw

CBS's Airwolf (1984-86)

Vincent appeared in a gay-themed episode of ABC's Hotel on November 19, 1986.

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