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Friday, April 19, 2019

101 Groovy TV Movies #89: Ladykillers

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Today I continue my list of 101 Groovy TV Movies Worth Watching with Ladykillers, which originally aired as an ABC Movie Special on Wednesday, November 9, 1988.

Directed by Robert Lewis, the movie stars Marilu Henner as a police detective who enlists her rookie cop boyfriend (a pre-Melrose Place Thomas Calabro) to help catch a killer by going undercover as a stripper at a club called Ladykillers. The cast also includes Susan Blakely, Gary Hudson, Keith David and special guest star Lesley-Anne Down (as the club's owner).

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1 comment:

joel65913 said...

What a wonderfully cheesetastic piece of entertainment this was!! Silly and ridiculous from the get go but sinfully delicious.